Why Do We Need Poker Forums?

6 years ago
Why Do We Need Poker Forums?
27 Jan

For their millions of members, poker forums satisfy many demands, but undoubtedly their top selling point is as a place to improve skills. For the hardened online poker fan, sharing information, analysing plays and discussing the latest strategies proves irresistible. Today, forums are like vast virtual card rooms, offering limitless opportunities to study and interact.

Who joins?

Following its explosion in popularity at the beginning of the century, poker now attracts a far more diverse crowd than the archetypal high-rolling young buck, and this trend is reflected in forum membership, which now booms worldwide. Some of the largest conversations take place outside Europe and the US, in countries such as Russia and Brazil.

Granted, forum membership is still predominantly male, but female interest has grown. With its global appeal poker has also made significant inroads into other groups, including students, who now make up a significant proportion of forum membership. Poker professionals are also regular contributors to forums, with their micro-blogs and top tips always attracting keen interest. Where else do you get to chat to and learn from the game’s elite?

What’s going on?

Above anything, an effective forum must be a poker strategy forum, discussing every aspect of the game. One of the most popular forum activities is posting your own 'hand histories', and then discovering how other members might have played them. For ease of access, forums will group their strategy threads by subject or game version, such as Texas Hold-em, Omaha, Cash and Tournament play. Members can also venture into other topic areas, which might include poker software reviews, TV shows, books, viral videos or tournament news.

Most forums are an excellent resource for the international poker calendar, with major events such as the World Series of Poker and the World Poker tour regularly previewed and discussed. Other threads might surround new developments in online poker, covering the latest hot games, member bonuses and poker room promotions.

Forums are not just about brushing up your game and turning a profit. A large slice of any forum is made up of gossip and banter. According to the Affiliate Bible, the best fun threads might be ‘Have you ever played against a pro?’ or ‘Your worst Bad Beat’. A sharp forum administrator will always keep up with the latest trends and topics, to entertain their membership and keep them coming back.

Who hosts?

The largest forums are hosted by the leading online sites, although there are hundreds of smaller independent forums catering for every niche. Managing the content and maintaining membership numbers, as well as enforcing site rules, are the responsibility of each forum administrator.

The main forums naturally seek to promote their site products as well as creating a buzz. Many forums tout unique perks to their members, such as their own private freerolls and exclusive games for cash. As a result, online poker forums frequently prove more popular than the sites hosting them, by offering a tempting inside track to success and riches. But in any poker forum, the member remains king, free to post, contribute and start a conversation on any topic, which may not even be about poker!

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