Will I Am? Kassouf Hits Our Screens!

2 years ago
Will.I.Am hits our screens!
21 Sep

(Photo: WSOP.com)

His entertainment style is more Will.I.AM than Just William, and as I wrote previously there’d be more than peas with Black-eyes if I had to share a table with him, but the WSOP Main Event coverage this year simply can’t get by without a focus on the Englishman William Kassouf!

It's.... Showtime! It's "The Will Kassouf Show" in the WSOP Main Event Episode 4 below. Enjoy! Weee! Lol 🤑😂🙈🎉👍 https://t.co/rke6aYidbp#WSOP

— William Kassouf (WilliamKassouf) September 19, 2016

Of course I didn’t really expect to have to go looking for Kassouf’s appearance on the big screen, and true to form the ‘hilarious/tilting/annoying’ pro hasn’t been shy in announcing his Warholian 15 minutes of fame from this summer’s big event.

Truth be told, his 17th spot finish and $338,288 payday deserves much more than just 15 minutes of screentime – if nothing else he is a breath of fresh air in a world often comprised of robo-pros and characterless wannabes.

The loud-mouthed Londoner didn’t have it all his own way when it came to table-talk however, the giant beard and sharp tongue of Alex Keating giving him stiff competition in the tilting stakes.

“Day 5 of the WSOP Main Event continues with Keating, Kassouf – and 167 of their not so close friends!” was the amusing intro to the start of episode 4 of ESPN’s coverage – and it kicked off immediately with Kassouf getting into trouble with tournament director Jack Effel, his inability to keep his mouth shut.

As Stacy Matuson tanked for her tournament life, Kassouf simply could not stay quiet – and when he was forced to with a warning, he resorted to mime! Eventually Matuson folded, Kassouf showed his bluff (a 9-high against Matuson’s folded pocket queens!), and Jack Effel pulled the Englishman aside and gave him a one-round penalty for ‘taunting’ his opponent – close to two rounds as Kassouf then dithered at the table with his mobile phone and coffee.

Kassouf’s fan club weren’t slow to pick up on the TV appearance of their hero, one friend tweeting his feet up view of Kassouf’s antics….

It wasn’t fun and games for the others at his table, however, a disagreement about the clock being called while Kassouf still peppered Matuson with questions and comments running on and on. William sure knows how to sow the seeds of discontent, one person stating: ‘Let’s just ignore him when he gets back’.

When the coverage cut to commentators Lon McEachern and Norman Chad, Chad said:

"Nuts! Nuts! Nuts!” when asked about Kassouf. “We can’t get bothered by nine guys in hoodies talking about merging ranges but then get all hot and bothered when someone wants to bring some life to the game. It’s his tongue versus your tolerance!”

Meanwhile, Matuson was having a nightmare even when Kassouf was absent. The very next hand gave her pocket aces which she shoved all-in with. Thinking she was on tilt she got a call from KJ and…the flop came 10 K K..! And out she went, a victim of Kassouf and Lady Luck.

As for Kassouf? Well you’ll just have to watch the episode for yourself to see what further antics the Londoner got up to – but rest assured that there isn’t a dull or non-controversial moment when William is at the table. Will. I. Am? Well I never!

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