With partypoker LIVE Dollars You Can Become a partypoker Pro For a Year

7 months ago
With partypoker LIVE Dollars You Can Become a partypoker Pro For a Year
07 Aug

Rewards and bonuses have always been part of online poker, but usually the player has to jump through hoops to see them – and apart from the occasional satellite offering they’ve never had much to do with live poker – but partypoker’s unique and innovative PP LIVE Dollars has turned that approach completely on its head recently… with a $1million leaderboard to go with it…

The PP LIVE $$$ initiative is a multi-pronged offering which lets you use your online winnings in a host of different ways in the partypokerLIVE arena, including for buy-ins with bonus hotel rooms, rake free entry, last-longer competitions as freebie extras  - and an amazing sponsorship deal which could see you become a partypoker pro for a year.

OK, this all sounds too good to be true, so let’s break it down to see just what a player can expect from their “new and very flexible currency”… what you can win via PP LIVE $$$ and what you can use them for.

What you can win via PP LIVE Dollars

$1M Leaderboard

This is the most eye-catching offer of course – a share of $1,000,000 never to be sniffed at - with the top 100 players well in the money come April next year, with plenty of time still to catch up on the current leaders.

Become a partypoker LIVE Sponsored Pro

Apart from winning $millions, becoming a sponsored poker pro poker has always been a dream for the mass of amateur players, so how does this work? Well, there are two chances to live your dream

Win the WSOP-Europe Main Event:

Top the field in the Kings Casino flagship Main Event in Rozvadov this year and you’ll land a 1-Year partypoker sponsorship deal, but you have to be one of the first 100 players who buy in using PP LIVE $$$. The sweetener is that partypoker will also give you $200,000 to use at any of their LIVE tournaments over the next 12 months - and you keep 100% of your winnings.

The ‘baby’ version, if $50,000 worth of sponsorship can ever be called that, sees a similar route to your dream. If you win the WSOP-Circuit, the WSOP Colossus, the GP Germany in August or the Swedish Championships Main Event – all being held at the Kings Casino. Again you have to be one of the first 100 players who buy in using PP LIVE $$$.

A host of handy extras around the globe

It’s not just Europe’s premier casino which is handing out partypoker LIVE bonuses, with Canadians, Brazilians and others all benefiting from the new currency, such as a $50k last-longer at the WSOP-C Playground Main Event for the first 250 players to enter using their PP LIVE $$$.

Similarly, Brazil’s finest – and visitors to Rio of course – will be rewarded. The first 100 players to buy in to WSOP-C Rio using PP LIVE $$$ will receive $500 cash towards their expenses.

Add in 100 free hotel rooms at the likes of the Irish Poker Masters Main Event and free registration at various events around the world and it’s clear that PP LIVE $$$ is a serious affair for players serious about the game.

What you can use PP LIVE $$$ for

So, enough about what you can win – great promos aside, what does the new currency do to make life easier for the average online player?

Live buy-ins AND online buy-ins

Playing live

You can use your same PP LIVE $$$ account to click and buy your entry fee to any of the partypokerLIVE events you fancy, no messing around with transfers and currency issues – and this includes side events.

In addition, you can pay for your hotel and travel at the same time, again using PP LIVE $$$, which makes it a very welcome one-stop shop for online players heading out into the live arena, and includes partypoker sponsored events among others.

Playing online

There’s a ‘buy it now’ button in your account which lets you buy into Online Day 1’s for a variety of events and tournaments, your ticket sent to you within 24 hours reducing the hassle and letting you focus more on actually playing.

Overall that’s a pretty incredible offering from partypoker – designed to make life not only easier for the average online player to get out into the real world of poker.

The site gains from this of course, but for once the return to the player is above and beyond what you could reasonably expect, so if you’re interested then click here to get started.

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