WSOP Event #27: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed (Live Updates)

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WSOP Event #27: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed (Live Updates)
13 Jun

Day 3

Moorman’s First First

Despite his extraordinary record online, this was Moorman’s first win at the WSOP.

“I feel like any time you win live it’s just a lot more real. All your friends are there celebrating with you and particularly a lot of my online success was when I was living in the U.K. I would be playing all through the night and maybe win a tournament about five or six in the morning and I would just be there on my own."

He has three other cashes and is clearly feeling pretty confident about maybe even getting bracelet number two before the year is out.

The full details of his first win are below. I’m already be rooting for his second.

Final Table Payouts

1Chris Moorman$498,682
2Bernardo Dias
3Michael Gagliano
4Steve Sung
5John Gorsuch
6Max Silver

Moorman Knocks Out Dias

Moorman led the heads up by roughly ten million to four. But despite this lead the heads up match still took almost three times as many hands as the rest of the final table.

On Hand #132 Bernardo Dias, with roughly 3.5 million in chips shoved from the button into Moorman’s big blind (now 80,000-160,000 with a 20,000 ante) and was called.

Dias turned over Kc-Tc, a monster hand heads up but not as monstrous as Moorman’s Ad-Kh. The rails went to their cheering and the dealer to their dealing putting out 5-8-6 for no help.

The turn was a useless queen and Dias was down to the three remaining tens for a pair or a jack for the king-high straight.

The river was a nine.

Second place – apart from a healthy dose of heartbreak – earned $308,166 for Bernardo Dias. While Moorman collects his very first bracelet and $498,682 for first.

Down To Moorman versus Dias

22:21 PST, 17th June 2017

Morten Mortenson was the first to go, bringing us to the official final table by shoving over Bernardo Dias’ 530,000 shove to a total of 1,040,000. He was called by Gagliano with pocket tens.

Dias had Ah-Kh and hit his hand with a K-J-6 flop. The turn and river were a blank J-4.  Dias scooped the main pot, Gagliano collected the side pot and Mortenson got $53,569 and 7th place.

The blinds went up to 30,000-60,000 with a 10,000 ante, and we were back to six-handed play.

Hand #15: Silver took 6th for $73,510, when Gagliano’s pocket queens outdrew Silver’s kings. They were all in pre and the board came A-Q-5-4-4.

Hand #27: Gorush takes $102,605 for 5th place in a pot which put’s Moorman up to around 10.2 million in chips.

Hand #29: First hand of the 40,000-80,000/10,000 level and Steve Sung gets Ah-7h on the button with just 1,305,000 in chips. He shoves and is isolated by a reshove from Moorman with queens.

The board comes A-Q-2-7 giving Morman a set and leaving Sung with just the two aces as outs.

The river is a two and Sung cashes for $145,634 in 4th place.

Hand #38: Bernardo Dias picks up pocket eights on the button and pops in a raise to 175,000. The small blind, Gagliano, shoves over the top for 1,850,000 and the big blind folds.

Dias calls, then smiles when Gagliano turns over A-8 and the board comes up blank for both of them. Gagliano shakes everyone’s hand then heads off to collect $210,139 for third, leaving Dias and Moorman to play for the bracelet.

Final Table Reached

17:50 PST, 16th June 2017

Levan Karamanishvili busted first, taking 21st for $18,019 when his Kd-9d ran into Onur Ansul’s pocket sixes. Not only did Karamanishvili not improve, but Unsal caught a six on the flop, putting him over 1 million in chips and Levan out of the tourney.

A series of rapid busts brought the field down to the usual unofficial final table of ten by 16:00 PST, but in a six max we had to hold for a few more bust outs before that coveted spot.

It wasn’t Julien Martini (A-9) lost a preflop race with Moorman pocket fives that we got our final seven.

And what a seven it is.

Leading the way with the chippest stack is Michael Gagliano with 3,430,00, Steve Sung has 3,175,000, Max Silver doesn’t seem to have moved much all day with 2,425,000 and Chris Moorman is sitting on a nice round 2,000,000.

Trailing behind a little ways is John Gorsuch with the short stacks bringing up the distant read being Morten Mortenson with 945,000 and Bernardo Dias with 645,000.

Day Three Begins

12:00 PST, 16th June 2017

We have 21 players back on 4 tables today for the $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed tournament.

The goal is to play down to a winner. At the moment, Max Silver is looking to be the favorite for that role with over 1.2million in chips and twice the second place stack. But this is no-limit and everything can change on a single slip on your part or Lady Luck’s.

And he’s got a tough field to be going up against.

If you fancy trying your hand at some higher stakes No Limit Hold’em, Daniel Negreanu is looking to stake someone in the main event on Twitter.

Day 2

Max Silver With All the Gold At End of Day 2

00:46 PST, 16th June 2017

The clock was stopped and twenty-five past midnight, and the last few hands played out before bagging.

With the dust settled and the coins counted, it turned out that the aptly named Max Silver had accumulated a massive chip lead over the field. His stack of 2,219,000 in chips is almost twice the second place stack of 1,160,000 held by Morten Mortenson.

Jerry Payne rounded out the top three with 955,000

Still in contention are Chris Moorman and John Gorsuch, along with bracelet winners Simeon Naydenov, Samantha Cohen and Michael Gagliano

Day three’s play will start at midday Vegas time again, halfway through the 6,000-12,000 level where the clock was stopped today. Antes will be 2,000.

Remember this event is being live streamed by the WSOP and we’ll be back to cover it ourselves once the action is underway.

Chip Counts

1Max Silver2,219,000
2Morten Mortensen
3Jerry Payne
4Chris Moorman
5Onur Unsal
6Bernardo Dias
7Steve Sung
8Michael Gagliano
9John Gorsuch
10Ryan Tosoc

Notable Cashes

18:45 PST, 15th June 2017

As the day wears into night, more and more players being felted, railed and busted. Some notable bustouts include: Kitty Kuo (128th - $4,509), Chris “Jesus” Ferguson (117th - $4,594), Annette Obrestad (97th - $4,789) – the youngest winner of a WSOP bracelet when she won the first WSOPE Main Event in London, Igor Kurganov (100th - $4,789) and Vanessa Selbst (56th - $6,1919).

Selbst was the last out before the dinner break, gettin it all in with A-8 against Onur Unsal’s pocket sixes on an 8-6-x flop for about 360,000 chips.

The set held and Selbst went to the rail.

Elsewhere, other players and railbirds were keeping Twitter appraised of their progress (or lack thereof as the tournament kept chugging towards that final table.

Day One Chip Leader Busto

15:06 PST, 15th June 2017

Shortly after the bubble burst, Jeff Coddington got his stack in with A-7 against Craig Varnell’s K-4. Reports vary on how the money got in, but given the beating Varnell had just taken in a previous hand from Selbst, at least one theory involves Varnell tilting balls; you heard it here first.

Bubble Burst

14:40 PST, 15th June 2017

After almost two and three quarter hours of play, the money bubble finally burst. There were a series of small stacks which just wouldn’t die, doubling up during the hand for hand. But then there was a loud pop and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

From here on out, everyone will be earning at least $4,509.

Day Two Begins

12:02 PST, 15th June 2017

Day two of the $3,000 6-max rolls on round, with 201 players returning to grind it out towards their cut of $2,589,300.144 of them will be getting paid, with those who scrape into the money in places 128-144 min-cashing for $4,509.

Whoever can hold on to the end and take the lot will be getting $498,682 for first. All they have to do is hold on to the end of today and then beat the remaining 20-30 players who make it through to day three.

Craig Varnell is the chip leader by just two black hundred chips, but there’s a lot of tough players still in the running including a fair few who are looking to find a matching bracelet for the ones already on their wrists.

Blinds are starting out today at 600-1,200 with a 200 ante. Which puts the short stacks like Donis Agnelli (7,300) at risk right from the get go. He’ll have to survive 67 eliminations to take anything home. Which is more even than can be said for Elky who, having busted, was looking to sneak his way back in.

Unfortunately for the One Drop runner-up, security was sharp as a tack and he had to take his chances elsewhere.

Meanwhile Doug Polk got his thoughts out regarding the first day of the $3k 6-max, vlogging about day one and a little about his bracelet ceremony where he collected his One Drop winnings while modelled the hairstyle Elky himself will be wearing for the rest of the series thanks to a little side bet they had going.

You can catch that vlog below, as the action kicks off in the Rio in the $3,000 Six-Handed Event.

Day 1

Day 1 At The 6-Max

23:59 PST, 

Day one of Event #27: $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed fell slightly short of last year. There were 959 entrants who picked up their 15,000 starting stacks and took to the short-handed tables to gut each other.

Play started at 11:00 PST, Wednesday 14th June, and continued for ten levels. With eight late reg levels the field constantly fluxed in size as players entered, were chewed up, and spat out. By the end of play there were just 202 players left, led by Craig Varnell with 202,600 in chips and Jeff Connington with 202,400.

Behind them are Andy Spears and Jerry Payne, with 193,200 and 185,500 respectively.

Other big names returning to play another day are Mike Leah (23,100), David Pham (61,900), Vanessa Selbst (124,900), Igor Kurganov (112,000), Kenney Hallaert (131,400) and Jake Schwartz (42,200) at whose table a high-stakes game of Lodden thinks was playing throughout the day.

A few players are just about clinging on at the bottom, Doniz Agnelli being the tail end Charlie and only player under 10k with 7,500 chips; while completely down and out along the way were players like Cate Hall, Justin Bonomo, Doug Polk, Jonathan Duhamel.

Play will begin again tomorrow, Thursday the 15th June 2017, at midday Vegas Time. Players will be returning to blinds of 600-1,200 and antes of 200.

Event #27 $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed will start its day one at 11:00 AM PST on 14th June 2017. Pitting players against each other on shorter handed tables, where they’ll have far more opportunity to play some real poker.

Though short handed the blinds do come faster, hand values change, and bluff-rebluff remains king (the light three bet was pretty much invented for 6-max play) the style of play and deeper stacks (15,000 to start with) in this event should give the better players an advantage which is no doubt why this event was chosen to be one of the few live-streamed by the WSOP this year.

Day one will play through the first ten hour-long levels running from the 25-50 to 500-1,000 level with 100 antes.

Last year, this event was won by Calvin Lee – a degenerate of the highest calibre who once said that the second best feeling after winning in gambling was losing. He took the bracelet for $531,577 after beating Steven Thompson heads-up when he outkicked Thompson when they both had with top pair on the flop. Lee not only took down first in the $3k event but cashed in 45th place that year in the $10k 6-max event.

The $1.5k 6-max already paid out almost $400,000 to first place, a marked increase on last year, after getting 1,748 entrants. So it is looking good.

1,029 players showed up to play last year. It’ll be interesting to see how that number compares this year. For more on this, keep an eye on this page, where we’ll be covering this event as the wins, losses, drama and heartache unfold.

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