WSOP Event #9: $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship (Live Updates)

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WSOP Event #9: $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship (Live Updates)
03 Jun

Day 4

Four Hands In and A Funeral For Negreanu’s Bracelet Hopes

15:25 PST, Thu 8th June 2017

Whoever among you laid off the bet that Daniel could hit three bracelets this year, you can all breath a sigh of relief. He has come within clipping distance of the cigar twice already but today it took just four hands to bring today’s bracelet quest to a halt.

Mosseri won three hands running and on the fourth was dealt 8-8-6-3 in the big blind. Negreanu bet from the button and and Mosseri’s raise put Daniel all in. Negreanu called and showed the J-6-5-4. 

The 9-5-2 flop gave Negreanu a ton of outs to the high half of the pot, but the kings which came down on the turn and river were not among them, and he found himself congratulating Abe Mosseri on taking down the event. 

Negreanu won $240,290 for second but even a quarter of a million won’t quell the jealousy he must be feeling as Mosseri lifts the bracelet and the winning hand for the cameras. 

Mosseri will be taking down $388,795 for his win, and a lot more in rumored side bets. When asked what the rest of the series would look like for him, the new Omaha Hi/Lo champion said, “I’m going back to Bobby’s Room.” I guess tournaments aren’t for everybody.


Elsewhere in the Rio the WSOP was crowing the first Indian born bracelet winner in the $1k tag team, and the $10k Heads up Championship was starting its Day One. Check out our coverage of that.

Final Table Results

1Abe Mosseri$388,795
2Daniel Negreanu$240,290
3Yarron Bendor$166,895
4Fabrice Soulier$188, 340
5Ilya Dyment$85,702
6Ray Dehkarghani$63,419
7Anthony Zinno$47,975
8Mike Matusow$37,120
9John Monnette$29,391

Day Four Starts

14:54 PST, Thu 8th June 2017

After yesterday’s exhausting five hour three-handed play, the unscheduled day four looks like it might be fairly brisk. Abe Mosseri (5,400,000)  is looking to turn his 2-1 chip lead into his second ever bracelet while Daniel Negreanu (2,575,000) is stalking bracelet number seven after it just eluded him in the Tag Team event.

It won’t be an easy ride for either of them. Daniel is one of the best players in the game, with over $33m in tournament earnings, and plays in the highest stakes mixed games in the world, where knowing your stuff in non-holdem games like Omaha eight or better is a matter of survival.

Not that Abe Mosseri is going to be a pushover. He’s not only got over $2m in tournament payouts but along with that bracelet (in a 2009 triple draw event) he’s racked up a fair few final tables at previous WSOPs himself.

But in the end, with blinds starting at 200,000/400,000 the winner is likely to be whoever the cards favor today.

Day 3

Hellmuth Drops By, Heads Up Will Finish Tomorrow

Day 3 came to a close without a winner being declared. Phil Hellmuth came by to MC for while:

"Two of the greatest players ever and there's no stream," was his first comment. Here, here.

After a gruelling five hour period three way, we got down to heads up with Daniel Negreanu in the lead.

But that lead has been traded back and forth for a while now and as they bagged up Negreanu (2,575,000) was left at a roughly 2-1 disadvantage against Mosseri (5,135,000) going into the unscheduled day 4 which was called when they finally ran the “courtesy level” granted by the floor, to the end.

Check back in with us tomorrow, the 8th June 2017, when it starts up again at 2:00 PM Vegas time.

Only Abe Mosseri Left Between Daniel Negreanu and His Seventh Bracelet

With blinds at 150,000/300,000 Negreanu raised in the small blind and Yarron Bendor reraised all in for 775,000. Negreanu called with A-J-6-4 and Bendor flipped over his cards: K-5-3-2.

Down came the board with Q-9-6-7-T and Negreanu took the pot with just a pair of sixes. It was just as well; Bendor had a flight booked for 6:00 AM the next day.

It is a massive shame that there is no live stream available of the event on the new Poker Go schedule. Now that Daniel Negreanu is duking it out heads up for his seventh bracelet – with several side bets going on that score to boot – and in a $10,000 event no less. It would make for exciting viewing, as several people have taken to twitter to point out.

Give us more non-hold’em events Poker Go, pretty please?

Fabrice Soulier Knocked Out in Fourth

From the big blind, Soulier reraised Abe Mosseri’s small blind raise and was met with a four bet which put him all in. He called with Q-7-4-2 against Mosseri’s A-7-6-3.

The board of J-6-4-Q-6 produced no valid low so Mosseri took the pot with trip sixes. Allowing Soulier to get some much needed rest on the rail. For his fourth place finish, Soulier will get $118,340.

And Daniel Negreanu is already guaranteed his second third place or better finish of the series.

And Then There Were Four

The final table was beginning to take on the bolt-boltered feel of a Shakespearean fifth act as Ray Dehnkarghani (6th - $63,419) and Ilya Dyment (5th - $86,259) busted in quick succession making four players knocked out in under an hour.

So with the blinds rising to 50,000/100,000 the final four’s chip stacks are looking like this:

Chip Counts

1Daniel Negreanu
2Yarron Bendor
3Abe Mosseri
4Fabrice Soulier

Seventh Place for Zinno

Unfortunately quartering that pot didn’t buy Zinno much time and just a few hands later he was all in again against Bendor. Zinno’s Qs-4s-3-A versus Bendor with Jh-9h-3h-6. The board came out a rainbow with no low: J-T-7-Q-8 and Bendor took the pot with his straight.

Matusow Out in Eighth

Matusow had managed to cling on all the way to the final eight; starting from the small stack he worked up to a decent stack then spent most of day 3 losing most of his chips and then suddenly before miracling up a win ad nauseum. But eventually his luck ran out and he found himself in a four way pot with all his chips in the middle.

The smallest stack at the table Anthony Zinno called all in for just 30,000 in middle position and was called by Ilya Dyment and Matusow in the hijack and small blind. The big blind Bender checked and they went to the flop with a side pot for Zinno.

Matusow’s 3-4-7-8 connected hard with the 7-6-2 board and so when he bet and was raised he called all in. No one folded and the remaining action was checked down to the showdown.

The turn and river of Q-6 gave Matusow just a top pair and a 7-6-4-3-2 low. It was not enough to win any part of the main pot which was split between Zinno (A-3-5-J) and Bendor (K-9-9-8); or even the side pot which was split between Bendor and Dyment (A-4-5-8).

John Monette Bites the Dust in Ninth

Vitch was quickly followed by John Monette who got it all-in against Yarron Bendor on a Jd-Jc-9c flop.

Monnette showed Ad-9d-T-2, while Bendor turned over A-9-8-7.

The ten of diamonds on the turn gave Bendor the straight and Monette some outs to a flush redraw. But an offsuit king hit the river and Monette had to settle for $29,391 for his ninth place finish. 

Final Table Bubble

One by one the players fell including notables like Dan Shak (16th) and David “ODB” Baker (14th). It didn’t take long to whittle the starting seventeen down to ten: the final table bubble

When it came it was quick at least. With very little left in his stack Christopher Vitch raised with A-K-J-8 and found himself re-reaised all in for 79,000 total by Abe Mosseri. Vitch called and Mosseri showed A-A-7-7.

Two fours on the flop and a turned seven gave Mosseri the hand with a full house. There was no qualifying low and Vitch headed to the rail where $23,827 in cash was waiting for him. 

Everyone else is settling in for the official final table of the Omaha Hi/Lo Championship.

Starting Day 3

Day three starts with just 17 of the 154 entries. And with the money bubble already busted it is all about the FT today.

Daniel Negreanu is in the field still looking to make his second FT of the series after coming within two places of a bracelet in the tag team event. He was sitting round the middle of the pack with 514,000 in chips, and started the day with a vlog recapping the action so far,

Mike Matusow on the other hand was on life support from the get go. With just 74,000 in chips he was the small stack in seventeenth place. While at the other end of the spectrum the chip leader Abe Mosseri has 1,855,000. Matusow came out strong managing a triple up on the first hand which put him back in the running and the tournament was under way...

Day 2

Day 2 of the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship is a wrap and Abe Mosseri leads the final 17 players who survived the day. Mosseri, as well as Yarron Bendor, are the only players to bag up a seven-figure chip counts, with 1,855,000 and 1,195,000 respectively.

Mosseri is in the lead, but Daniel Negreanu is also one of the top stacks and is looking to add bracelet number seven to his already impressive resume. He went agonizingly close last week, finishing 3rd in the $10,000 Tag Team Championship event, and will be looking to go two spots better in this event.

Other top pros coming back for what is scheduled to be the final day, include Max Pescatori, Mike Matusow, Dan Shak, Fabrice Soulier, John Monnette, David "ODB" Baker, Anthony Zinno, Owais Ahmed and Matt Woodward.

The day started with 64 players, but players quickly fell by the wayside. The money bubble burst about an hour after players returned from their dinner break, with the top 24 players earning at least $14,809. Randy Ohel (20th), Gary Benson (19th) and Chris George (18th) were some of the pros who hit the rail after the money bubble burst.

Vyacheslav Zhukov, Frank Kassela, Brock Parker, Andrey Zaichenko, Marco Johnson, Matt Glantz and Tom Koral were among the players who hit the rail before the bubble burst. Chris Bell was the unfortunate bubble boy, finishing in 25th place.

Play resumes at 2 p.m. local time on Tuesday, when the remaining 17 players will be back in the Brasilia room to play to a winner. If there is no winner at the end of ten 60-minute levels, they will return for a fourth unscheduled day.

Official End-of-Day Chip Counts

1Abe Mosseri1,855,000
2Yarron Bendor1,195,000
3Christopher Vitch676,000
4David Baker564,000
5Ilya Dyment528,000
6Daniel Negreanu514,000
7Philip Long476,000
8Anthony Zinno420,000
9John Monnette372,000
10Matt Woodward268,000

Day 1

Day 1 of Event #9: $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship attracted a starting field of 154 entries, creating a staggering prize pool of $1,447,600. After 10 levels of play, only 64 players remain in hopes of capturing the first-place prize of $388,795 and a prestigious World Series of Poker bracelet.

Leading the way with 304,000 in chips is none other than 2015 WSOP Player of the Year Mike Gorodinsky. Gorodinsky is a professional poker player from San Diego, California. He has two World Series of Poker bracelets in his career. His first bracelet came in 2013 with the $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low event and the second came in 2015 when he won the $50,000 Poker Players Championship.

Nipping at Gorodinsky's heals is Kyle Miaso with 302,000 in chips — the only other player over the 300,000 chip mark. Not far behind Miaso are Ilya Dyment with 240,000Dan Shak with 233,000Iraj Parvizi with 230,000, and the biggest name in poker, Daniel Negreanu with 224,500.

Throughout the day some of the most talented poker players on the planet took a shot at this title and didn't make it through. Todd Brunson, Erik Seidel, David Benyamine, Phil Hellmuth, Nick Schulman, Jason Mercier, Allen Kessler, Shaun Deeb, Phil Galfond, Ben Yu, Ismael Bojang, Jon Turner, Brandon Shack-Harris, Bart Hanson and Valentin Vornicu all fell by the wayside.

Monday is sure to be action-packed with other big names still in contention, including Marco Johnson, David "ODB" Baker, Esther Taylor, Fabric Soulier, Randy Ohel, Anthony Zinno, Mike Matusow, Jeff Lisandro and defending champion Benny Glaser.

Play will begin at 2 p.m. Monday with another 10 levels, and the finale will be reached on Tuesday with the remaining competitors playing down to a winner.

Official End-of-Day Chip Counts

Mike Gorodinsky
Kyle Miaso
Iraj Parvizi
Ilya Dyment
Dan Shak
Daniel Negreanu
Ray Dehkharghani
Tom Koral
Marco Johnson

Not everything in poker is about No Limit Hold’em, least of all at the World Series, where this year they have the full gamut of $10k Championships in all the usual suspects. Given the propensity for the highest stakes pros to lean towards mixed games these events also tend to be tougher fields with the best in the game entering along with those foxes who have specialized in one of these less common variants.

This week is a good one for those of you who like split-pots and extra hole cards because as the the $1,500 buy-in Omaha eight or better tournament wraps up, you’ll be able to watch those specialists head over to rail or register in the $10,000 Omaha Eights or Better Championship which will be starting 3:00 PM, Sunday 4th June 2017. There will be late reg for the first eight of the one hour levels. And day one will last ten levels before its time to bag up the chips.

This three day event is the first of the year’s non-hold’em championships and promises to be a good one. The split pot game makes both for a ton of action and for lower variance which means fun pots and a good chance of seeing the best players make it to the final table.

Of those players, Benny Glaser, is the defending champ, who beat out 163 entrants in the championship event in 2016 and took home $407,194 along with his bracelet. Even more remarkably he did so shortly after winning the $1,500 Omaha 8 event. He’ll be one to watch this year.

Also attending will be self-proclaimed greatest Omaha hi/lo player in the world Mike Matusow who is already selling shares in his buy-in over at Tasty Stakes. Matusow has the record to back up his talk, having cashed in three Omaha events at last year’s WSOP and taking 5th in the equivalent event at the 2008 WSOP.

If you want to brush up on the strategy before it all kicks off, you might want to check out Daniel Negreanu’s recent vlog below. Although whether or not he ends up playing himself will most likely depend on how deep he runs in the $111,111 High Roller for One Drop.

We will be updating you all on the event’s progress right here at PokerTube, once we hear those magical words: “shuffle up and deal.”

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