WSOP Main Event Finalist Alex Livingston Gives Married Couple $40,000

11 months ago
WSOP Main Event Finalist Alex Livingston Gives Married Couple $40,000
05 Aug

When Alex Livingston offered his friends a wedding gift of 1% of his WSOP Main Event winnings, nobody realised that they’d be talking about $40,000 – but his eventual 3rd spot and $4million has given them a welcome boost to married life!

Rob and Tonya Taylor received the highly-unusual wedding gift offer last autumn, a nice card to go with it and the option of taking $100 instead.

With Rob being a poker player, however, it was never likely he’d turn down the chance of a great WSOP freeroll sweat of his friend, but his wife to be Tonya had forgotten all about it come last week, as Alex ran ever-deeper into the Main Event.

A wish you luck message on Instagram brought a reply from Livingston: 'Don't forget, you have one per cent of my winnings', according to news

"I called Rob and was like, 'Oh my God, Rob, we have one per cent of his winnings. I totally forgot.' And Rob was like, 'Well, I didn't.'"

Even Rob, however, hadn’t expected his friend Alex to make it to the final three, battling Hossein Ensan and Dario Sammartino for the ultimate prize in poker, with Rob in Vegas to cheer Alex on.

Ensan as we know would go on to win, but Alex’s $4million payday for third meant that Rob and Tonya would celebrating their friend’s win – and their own $40k scoop.

The ‘plan’ is to spend the windfall on new patio furniture for their recently-upgraded backyard, though Rob himself may well now have ideas about where his buy-in to join Alex in next year’s Main Event is coming from!

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