Wynn Resorts to Ban Company Founder Steve Wynn From All Properties

4 years ago
Wynn Resorts to Ban Company Founder Steve Wynn From All Properties
04 May

Wynn Resorts has published a plan to ban one of its co-founders from all of its properties. Steve Wynn came under fire last year for a string of sexual misconduct cases during his tenure as CEO of the company. 

Now, Wynn Resorts has finally settled a lawsuit with the Massachusetts Gaming Commision which ended with a 13 measure plan being published detailing changes to be implemented to prove their sustainability in the state.

One of these measures is the banning of Steve Wynn from any and all properties owned by the conglomerate.

This is not so surprising given the difficulty of obtaining and keeping hold of all the necessary operating licenses for casinos. Operators must constantly prove that they are fit and proper enough to run such a business.

Wynn Resorts have already parted with $20 million in way of a fine for Steve Wynn’s alleged misbehaviour. Losing the ability to operate in the state would be a huge blow, regardless of how many other properties they currently run.

The gaming commission's decision is expected in the near future and will no doubt be helped by the recent changes on the board which is now made up of 50% women. Wynn Resorts seem determined to show the world that they are supportive of women’s rights and will not stand for the type of behaviour that Steve Wynn has been accused of.

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