“xQc” Booted from Casino Over Clickbait Article

3 weeks ago
Felix “xQc” Lengyel
17 Nov

Felix “xQc” Lengyel, a top streamer who recently signed a lucrative deal with Kick worth more than $100 million, was recently dragged out of a Montreal casino due to a province-wide gambling ban.

The ban was said to have been triggered by a 2022 clickbait article he wrote that labelled himself as a gambling addict.

Lengyel, who seems to take pride in his behaviour that shows off his mind-boggling wealth with crazy gambling antics, was visiting the casino after his birthday dinner to spend some time with his family.

He had divided small amounts among each family member to play table games and simply enjoy the evening. However, the fun didn’t even get started because security approached him upon entering the premises and quickly hoiked him out of the front door in front of everyone.

Lengyel was obviously a bit stunned at this, at first having no idea what he had done wrong, but the reason soon became clear when casino staff cited the 2022 article as why he was banned not just from there but from all casinos in the province.

The article, published by Radio Canada, featured quotes from a fan of xQc, who spoke about the negative influence of watching the streamer enjoy gambling through the streaming platform Twitch.

The fan claimed that Lengyel's content inspired him to gamble, leading to his own gambling addiction and subsequent bankruptcy. How true this is we have no idea but clearly somebody took it seriously.

The publication of the article led Québec’s gambling regulator to take pre-emptive action to comply with the province’s responsible gambling measures.

As a part of these measures, xQc is now banned from entering any casino in the province, any online gambling, or even, believe it or not, buying a lottery ticket.

Lengyel has always been open about his gambling habits, revealing both his wins and his losses. Even so, he has long been a controversial figure in the gaming world.

He previously admitted to having a gambling addiction, describing it as an illness. Despite this, he has also stated that he "can afford to be ill" and has continued to gamble, even saying he "likes" it.

Not a good look for his sponsors, we think.

If Lengyel is harbouring any hopes of overturning the ban, he may want to think twice. Only days ago he spoke on stream about how his bets on his sponsor’s site now total almost $3 billion. His average stake has also jumped from a respectable $40 up to $50,000.

We think he’ll have a problem convincing the Québec gambling regulator that he’s a fit and proper person to allow into a casino.

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