YouTube Changes Gambling Policy to Allow Poker Links in Content

1 year ago
YouTube Changes Gambling Policy to Allow Poker Links in Content
03 Jul

Poker content creators on YouTube are cheering the news that poker links are now allowed on the platform. The niche has been under fire this year with many channels being banned for what is labeled as harmful content.


YouTube is famously draconian with their policy enforcement. Their crusade to ensure that nothing that can be construed as dangerous, harmful, and hateful, appears on their platform is never ending.

Poker content creators, such as top Twitch streamer Jaime Staples, have endured a tough year with many videos being removed along with strikes on the account.

It is a three strikes and you’re out system which leaves a constant cloud over nervous video producers who rely on the advertising revenue for their own income.

The problem is that there is rarely any mediation that nails down exactly what the issue is. The channels are just left to guess at what they have done wrong.

Luckily for poker, Head of Gaming Lester Chen has been following the story on Twitter and looked deeper into how this problem can be solved.

The new policy dictates that any poker links must be approved by both YouTube and Google Ads with local laws taken into account. This change now makes YouTube poker a serious rival to the Twitch platform.

Jaime Staples was quick to express his praise for Chen:

“A massive thanks to @Chen for making this happen. It may not seem like a big deal, but this makes poker feasible as a creator on YouTube, and will ensure our game can be shared with generations to come. So happy. Thanks #poker”

Hopefully we will now see a lot more high quality poker content on YouTube with creators no longer living under the fear that a major income source will be pulled away at any time.

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