YouTubers Make $100,000 Bet on FIFA World Cup

4 months ago
YouTubers Make $100,000 Bet on FIFA World Cup
30 Nov

YouTubers KSI and IShowSpeed have made a $100,000 bet on the winner of the FIFA World Cup. The pair recently FaceTimed on stream and KSI couldn’t resist baiting his 17-year-old friend into the wager while discussing the biggest sporting event in the world .

IShowSpeed, real name Darren Watkins, is a huge Christiano Ronaldo fan to the point where he will be supporting Portugal in Qatar rather than his home country of the USA. KSI, real name JJ Olatunji, was unimpressed with his lack of patriotism and said:

“Man, you dumb as sh*t, man.”

KSI Baits Speed into a World Cup Bet

The pair of YouTubers have around 36.7 million subscribers between them so it’s no surprise that they were talking about a $100,000 bet but the young American suddenly backed off once KSI started talking about such amounts.

Incredibly, KSI let his friend off of the hook and offered terms massively unfavourable to himself. The deal was that if Portugal win the tournament then KSI will stump up $100,000 but if England win then Speed only has to get a tattoo saying “KSI is the best.”

We think KSI needs to revamp his gambling strategy if he thinks this is a good deal. That said, the chances of either streamer needing to keep to his half of the bargain is pretty slim. England haven’t won the World Cup since 1966 and Portugal have never lifted the famous gold trophy. Also, Christiano Ronaldo is now without a club after getting sacked by Manchester United following his explosive interview with Piers Morgan and is clearly coming to the end of his career.

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