Kevin Martin

Martin is a pro who generally focuses on the micro and low stakes online games, becoming one of the most popular streamers.

Martin is a pro who generally focuses on the micro and low stakes online games, becoming one of the most popular streamers on the internet with his Twitch TV show, using his media background to produce an entertaining and fun show.

The 24 –year old Calgary man worked as radio DJ on the nightshift discussing a wide range of subjects before he realized poker was the direction his future was going to take, grinding his way to the $15,000 bankroll which he had set as a target.

What makes Martin a celebrity outside of the poker world is his 2 appearances on the Canadian version of the TV reality show Big Brother, recently winning the season 5 crown and scooping $100,000 – a prize far in excess of anything he has won so far in poker.

Before entering the house he had clearly learned from his time on season 3 of the show, stating: “his time, I don’t care about TV time. I don’t care about being the charismatic guy. All I wanna do is play a good Big Brother game” – and it proved very successful.

$25k in live cashes and considerably more in online play has proved to the public that he has game to go with his chat, and 50,000 followers on Twitch combined with 30,000 on his YouTube channel says he’s made the right choice.

Martin joined forces with fellow Canadian Jaime Staples, sharing a streamhouse in Canada to produce the content which has put them among the most popular in the streaming and vlogging market.

As with Staples, Martin became a PokerStars Team Online pro in 2016 with the pseudonym 'KevinM987' (having previously been known as 'GarlicXToast’)…


…being congratulated by friend and fellow Team Online pro Staples who said of the announcement: “In a short space of time, Kevin has built a fun and entertaining online poker stream, and shown by focusing on excitement and engagement with audiences, any Twitch streamer can become a big success with some hard work.”

What the future holds for Martin in poker is unclear, but he has always sought to improve his game and perhaps at some point we’ll see him moving up levels and stakes, bringing his faithful following along with him.

He likes playing golf, filming vlogs, and drinking good beer.

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