Top 5 Poker Twitch Streamers of 2018

3 years ago
Top 5 Poker Twitch Streamers of 2018
25 Feb

Twitch poker made an impact in 2018 as the media landscape moved farther away from edited TV shows and into long unedited live streams. According to the social media tracking site SocialBlade, these 5 poker Twitch streamers reached a wider audience by playing the same game in their own unique ways

Poker Twitch Streamer #5: Jaime Staples - Poker Staples 

2018 Followers: Over 16.4 thousand.

2018 Views: Over 1.4 Million

Jaime Staples had an interesting 2018, not only did he enter yet another weight loss prop bet, but he also grew his Twitch and YouTuber follower count enough to make it in both Top 5 lists. This did not translate into the number 1 spot in either list for a variety of factors, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

SocialBlade projects he will gain another 16 thousand followers in 2019.

Watch Spin and Go's Part 1 from PokerStaples on

Poker Twitch Streamer #4: Kevin Martin

2018 Subs: 19 thousand

2018 Views: Over 1.5 Million

The former Big Brother champion has been on the Twitch streets for a while, he is the recipient of the Streamer of the Year award at the 2017 American Poker Awards, but this was easily his best year yet. Not only did his stream achieve record numbers but a series of good tournament runs boosted his bankroll.

SocialBlade projects he will end 2019 with over 100,000 Twitch followers.

Poker Twitch Streamer #3: Parker Talbot - Tonkaaaap

2018 Subs: Over 21.8 thousand

2018 Views: 2.8 Million

Team NeverLucky was very fortunate last year, with over 21 thousand new followers and almost 3 million views in 2018. One of Tonkaaaap’s biggest strengths is his personality. While other poker content creators try to sell poker as a (sometimes sanitized) lifestyle or put on a personality, Parker is just himself, and that alone has proven to be refreshing on this day and age. 

And SocialBlade agrees, it projects him to reach 100,000 followers in the next six months.

Poker Twitch Streamer #2: Jason Somerville - RunItUp

2018 Follows: 10.6 thousand

2018 Views: 3.8 Million

The king of Twitch poker, Jason Somerville has lagged behind this year, keeping an irregular streaming schedule and focusing more on the business side of RunItUp. In 2018 he did more to promote other streamers than himself and seems to be great at it, considering four out of five streamers on this list are under his Team RunItUp umbrella. 

It’s strange that he’s not in the number 1 spot anymore, but his influence on Twitch poker and poker media in general, is more far-reaching than what the pure numbers can say.

He’s expected to end 2019 with over 240,000 Twitch followers

Poker Twitch Streamer #1: Lex Veldhuis

2018 Subs: Over 54.4 thousand

2018 Views: Over 8.9 Million

Every other streamer on this list has had a great year, Lex had a better year than anyone else in Twitch poker.  Regularly you can see Poker in the Top 15 Twitch directory because he draws in up to 10,000 concurrent viewers to his stream. He also has one of the most intensive streaming schedules of this list, playing five days a week from 9 to 5.  

His success is expected to carry on to 2019, by the end of it Social Blade projects he will reach over 220,000 Twitch followers.

Watch Highlight: Lex's Birthday video and gifts! from LexVeldhuis on

Well, that’s our list. Who didn’t make it in this year but should have? Let us know in the comments!

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