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Mohsin Charania

Some poker players take up the game and everything start off great for them. Mohsin Charania was not one of those players.

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Matt Salsberg

Matt Salsberg is an American poker player and executive producer/writer of the hit Showtime show Weeds. Find his poker biography & videos here.

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Hoyt Corkins

55-year old Corkins is one of the old-school poker players who has managed to come to terms with the games modern-world.

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David ‘dpeters17’ Peters

Turning pro in 2006, Ohio-born David Peters is a tournament specialist that has experience both live and online.

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David ‘ODB’ Baker

A graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Finance, Baker worked in sales for a number of years before transitioning to poker.

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Noah Schwartz

Born August 1st, 1983, Noah Schwartz is a professional poker player who has seen success in online and live poker.

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Kyle Julius

Kyle Julius is an American professional poker player and the winner of over $7 million in tournament winnings. Find his poker biography & videos here.

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Allen Cunningham

Allen Cunningham is a professional poker player and in 2005 he was nominated the ESPN Player Of The Year. Find his poker biography & videos here.

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Emanuel Failla

Silent, unnoticeable, calm – none of these adjectives can be used to describe Emanuel “Will” Failla.

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Galen Hall

California’s Galen Hall took the dive to be a professional tournament poker player back in 2009.

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David Vamplew

Another member of the young guard, David Vamplew originates from a place near Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Martins Adeniya

A well-known figure on the English poker scene, born and bred Londoner Martins Adeniya found poker whilst studying at the University of Bath.

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Jack Sinclair

26-year old Londoner Jack Sinclair is one of the least well-known players who made it to the 2017 final table of the Main Event.

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Isaac Baron

California born Isaac Baron discovered his passion for the game early in his life.

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Jerry Yang

Born in Laos, Xao “Jerry” Yang was born in 1967 as a Hmong, but upon the takeover of his country by the Communists in the 1970’s, his family fled.

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