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Jason Koon

Born in 1985, Jason Koon has been quite successful in the poker world.

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Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier is widely considered to be one of the best all-round poker players in the world today.

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Jason Somerville

Jason Somerville is a professional poker player and the host of the daily stream RunItUP on Twitch. Find his poker biography & videos here.

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Jean-Noel Thorel

For a player whose central focus isn’t even poker, Jean-Noel Thorel has a pretty notable list of tournament scores.

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Jean-Philippe Rohr

Frenchman Jean-Philippe Rohr is better known for his decorated football career than his poker one.

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Jeff Gross

The Michigan pro has become something of a household name in the game thanks to his poker streaming on TwitchTV

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Jeff Lisandro

Australia’s number 3 ranked player in live tournaments has, as his name suggests, Italian roots, and he grew up near Salerno after being born in Per...

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Jeff Madsen

Jeff Madsen did not struggle too much with finding a right path to follow in order to achieve poker greatness.

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Jennifer Tilly

While she has certainly made her mark on the world of tournament poker as of late, Jennifer Tilly is best-known for her work as an actress.

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Jeremy Ausmus

Jeremy doesn’t fit the bill of your typical poker player.

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Jerry Yang

Born in Laos, Xao “Jerry” Yang was born in 1967 as a Hmong, but upon the takeover of his country by the Communists in the 1970’s, his family fled.

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Jesse Martin

Northboro native and now Southern California resident Jesse Martin is a tournament specialist with over a decade of experience in the game.

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Joe Elpayaa

Born and raised in Illinois, Joe Elpayaa has been playing poker professionally for well over a decade.

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Joe Hachem

Originally hailing from Lebanon, Hachem moved to Australia at a young age with his family.

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Joe McKeehen

Joe McKeehen is a professional poker player with $9.7m in winnings and was the winner of the 2015 WSOP Main Event. Find his poker biography & videos h...

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