Poker Superstars

3 Seasons

Poker Superstars was a no limit Holdem tournaments split into 3 seasons. It first aired in 2004 by FSN and it featured a unique structure devised by Henry Orenstein.

In the first season competitors had to pay a $400.000 fee to enter which was at that time the largest entry fee in history until the WSOP in 2012.

Season 1 was split into 2 series and the finishing place of each player determined the starting chips in the grand finale that he/she would get.

The Grand Finale winner, received 1 million dollars.

Season 2 and 3 had 24 competitors each having to pay $40.000 to enter, and $250.000 added to the prize pool for season 2 and $50.000 entry fee for season.

The winner in season 2 and 3 received $400.000 dollars

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