Run it Up

1 Season

Web series devised and hosted by Jason 'JCarver' Somerville, "Run it UP" achieved quite a success with its target audience. It all started as a bankroll challenge which Somerville started after he was signed by Ultimate Poker.

Somerville, whose success at the live tournament scene, primarily WSOP, led to him being invited to newly formed 'U-Team' in 2013, had not only a natural talent for the game but also a flare for producing great poker content - something that's been passion of his for a long time.

From the first, rather simple episodes, "Run it UP" kept growing and developing, gradually earning it's place on the "ones to watch" poker shows list. It all started with a $50 bankroll and a lot of enthusiasm and turned into something much bigger.

From a lone kid with the dream in front of his computer, Somerville managed to gather a big fan base and after a while he was no longer alone in front of his computer either. He started hosting different guests, including Danielle 'dmoongirl' Anderson and Scott Seiver, adding extra flavor to already well loved show.

"Run it UP" lasted for two full seasons and 250 episodes before the show came to an end. Ultimate Poker was facing serious difficulties in the United States, leading to them letting go all of their sponsored pros and subsequently closing the shop.

Somerville's initial intention with "Run it UP" was to turn the initial $50 into $10,000 and although he came short of that goal, he did provide a great number of poker fans with a lot of fun trying.

Jason 'JCarver' Somerville was signed by PokerStars in 2015 and continued doing what he does the best - live streaming his poker adventures on Twitch, entertaining the masses, trying to "Run it UP"!

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