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Clinton Jacob Machoka, a full time online poker player and part time freelancer. A car enthusiast and a huge fan of RnB music.

Articles by Clinton Jacob Machoka

Aussie Accountant Stole AU$1.5m to Fund Gambling

Attorneys for an Australian accountant who stole $1.5 million to fund Gambling Habits claim he had bipolar

Twitch Streamer Trainwreck Launches a Mental Health Initiative to Provide Free Therapy to Viewers

Trainwreck, a very successful Twitch gambling streamer, introduced his fans to a new mental health program

Woman Arrested for Leaving 3 Kids in a Car while Playing Poker at Hard Rock

Prosecutors in Broward County court purport that a woman from Georgia left her three children unattended in her vehicle overnight

Twitch Star xQc Loses $170,000 on Online Slots Within 140 Seconds

Fans were stunned to witness how recklessly xQc proceeded to bet and play slots while he was broadcasting

Live Poker Events, 6 months ago

Luke Vrabel Returns to the WSOP after a Lengthy Ban

Five years ago, Vrabel was suspended from the World Series of Poker and all Caesars Entertainment facilities following an altercation during the "Colossus" No-limit Hold'em event

Allen Kessler Infuriated After He was Penalized For Eating Pizza In The Gaming Area

Allen Kessler was angry after he was penalized by the Orleans Casino for eating in the gaming area

Drake Wins a $1 Million UFC Wager Following a Prolonged Losing Skid

Drake’s fortunes changed when he placed a $1 million wager on UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya to win against Jared Cannonier

Live Poker Events, 7 months ago

Chess Prodigy Magnus Carlsen to Compete in the WSOP Main Event

The top-ranked chess player in history, Magnus Carlsen, will compete in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

Ohio Man Charged for Running an Illegal $34million Gambling Enterprise

A federal grand jury in Cleveland, Ohio, has accused a local man of running an illegal gambling business that made more than $30 million in gross revenue

Ethan Yau Calls Out Disney Star Grayson Hunter Over a $1000 Poker Debt

An excellent reputation is more important than money, however, for Grayson Hunter Goss, it seems to be worth just $1,000

Dan Bilzerian Makes a Drop by at Conor McGregor's Dublin Bar

Bilzerian dazed social media followers when he stopped for meals and drinks at a restaurant owned by McGregor

Security Attempts to Evict Neymar Jr. from the WSOP Tournament by Mistake

Neymar Jr., the renowned Paris Saint-Germain striker and PokerStars Cultural Ambassador made his World Series of Poker (WSOP) debut a week ago

Dan Smith Battles the Botez Sisters in an Epic Chess Game

Dan Smith entered the BotezLive broadcast for some fast-paced chess action, showcasing his chess abilities remain top-notch

Con Artist Imprisoned after Gambling with AU$2.7 Million Purloined from Colleague Worshiper

A man was sentenced to six years and nine months in jail for defrauding a fellow worshiper

Live Poker Events, 7 months ago

Neymar Junior Competes in the 2022 WSOP

PokerStars Cultural Ambassador Neymar tried his luck at winning a gold bracelet