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Veteran poker and gambling writer/editor Haley Hintze has provided content throughout the gambling world for nearly 20 years. Widely known for her work on online poker's insider-cheating scandals in the late 2000s, she's been a two-time Global Poker Awards finalist and a prior finalist for Women in Poker Hall of Fame (WiPHoF) induction. She has contributed to numerous publications and outlets and is pleased to add PokerTube and HighStakesDB to the list.

Articles by Haley Hintze

Mike Postle Accused of Dodging Legal Service in Second Poker Cheating Case

Alleged poker cheat Mike Postle is again accused of having dodged legal service, this time in the lawsuit filed in Nevada by Marle Cordeiro

Plaintiffs Seek Sanctions Against Alleged Poker Cheat Mike Postle

The alleged cheat is now formally accused of using an attorney to craft at least one of his initial defense briefs in the case

Isai Scheinberg Bond Residency Likely Transferring to California

Scheinberg is likely to be transferred to northern California in the near future to wait out the rest of his pre-sentencing period

Lon McEachern Faces Backlash After Defending Stones Gambling Hall in Postlegate Scandal

Famed poker commentator Lon McEachern has encountered a significant amount of social-media blowback

Big Huni COVID-19 Morbidity Wager Makes Mainstream News

An interesting prop bet offered on Twitter by elite poker pro Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen has flared up for a second time

Mike Postle Amends Dismissal Motion in Poker Cheating Case

Postle has filed an amended motion to dismiss the $10 million civil lawsuit brought by 88 plaintiffs

“Poker Queens”: Part Celebration, Part Dream, Part Recruiting Tool

“Poker Queens” highlights the victories and explores the struggles of women in the world of professional poker

Second Lawsuit Filed Over Mike Postle Poker Cheating Allegations

Marle Cordeiro seeks at least $250,000 in damages from Postle in the case

New Defense Briefs and Alleged Victims Lawsuits Filed as Postlegate Continues

The amended complaint more than tripled the number of victims of Postle’s alleged cheating

Mike Postle Files Response in Poker-Cheating Case

Postle has filed an initial response in the $10 million case brought against him and two other defendants

Isai Scheinberg Pleads Guilty to “Black Friday”-Related Charge

Scheinberg changed his initial not-guilty plea in a hearing held before US Magistrate Judge Sarah L. Cave

Amanda Botfeld Releases 'A Girls Guide To Poker' Book

'A Girl’s Guide to Poke'r is a welcome addition to the ranks of poker “strategy” books, as well as being a refreshing change

Another Delay in Mike Postle Cheating Case

The latest extension, granted on March 2, 2020, confirms a motion made last week by Postle

Your Quick Guide to Understanding Tournament Guarantees

What $50,000,000 In tournament guarantees really means