Another Delay in Mike Postle Cheating Case

2 years ago
Another Delay in Mike Postle Cheating Case
04 Mar

US District Court Judge Morrison C. England Jr. has granted another extension in the case brought by nearly 100 victims of alleged cheating by Stones Live star Mike Postle during live-streamed poker cash games.

The latest extension, granted on March 2, 2020, confirms a motion made last week by Postle. He had previously faced a February 26, 2020 deadline to file his initial response in the case. This latest extension pushes that initial response deadline to March 24, 2020. The alleged victims in the case have filed a $10 million claim, which could be trebled under statute to as much as $30 million.

Postle’s co-defendants in the case, Kings Casino LLC (the parent entity of Sacramento’s Stones Gambling Hall) and Stones employee Justin Kuraitis, were granted a matching extension and will also have until March 24, 2020 to respond. 

Postle expressly requested the latest extension because of his continuing pro se status, meaning that he is representing himself. Attorneys for Postle’s co-defendants, along with the plaintiffs’ primary attorney, Maurice “Mac” Verstandig, agreed to the latest extension request.

This extension is likely to be the last such request to be granted. Postle agreed to three conditions for its being granted by Judge England:

  1. Postle’s response to the Complaint shall come due on March 24, 2020; 
  2. Postle shall not file a response to the Complaint prior to March 4, 2020; and 
  3. no party shall assert lack of timeliness as a grounds of opposition to any responsive paper if filed after March 4, 2020 and by March 24, 2020.

Postle still retains the option to retain formal legal representation if he so chooses.

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