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Paul Nirenberg is a burgeoning author and long time fan of games of skill and chance. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he has been an avid poker player since he was given The Little Black Book of Poker at age 13. He now spends his time writing freelance while accruing short stories for a science fiction collection. Please send professional inquiries to:

Articles by Paul Nirenberg

Promos, 5 years ago

Deal Hunter - Coral Poker

We found another nifty little deal and we knew you'd want in.

Online Poker , 5 years ago

Soft Site Radar: Our Top 5 Soft Sites

Long story short, we put our heads together and have created a list of the Top 5 Underrated Poker Rooms we’ve found over the course of literally millions of hands.

Hitting the Million: Daily Fantasy Sports

It’s a bit of a wonder that it has taken this long for Daily Fantasy Sports to bloom into the mega-money gambling paradise that it has become.

Las Vegas Game Radar

We go over the numbers and talk about what games are rising and falling out in Nevada

Top 3 Funniest Players

In intense situations, people need to blow off steam. When there is great risk, humor and silliness act as a social defense mechanism.

Aditya Agarwal Exclusive Interview

Aditya Agarwal is a top ranked Indian poker player as well as a PokerStars pro. He currently sits at #3 on the India All-time money list according to the Hendonmob DB. He is also an extremely successful online grinder.

PokerStaples accuses Gripsed of Viewbotting on Twitch

Popular poker streamer, PokerStaples, recently accused fellow player, Gripsed, of using a viewbot to boost numbers. We have the evidence but leave the judgement to you!

Interview With Lex Veldhuis

Lex Veldhuis talks about his last year, plans for 2016, state of the game, motivations, and skills for poker table

Texas Card House Finds a Gambling Loophole

Texas Card House finds a legal loophole allowing club members to play poker in a state where it is otherwise illegal.

How Much of it is Luck, Really?

Playing poker today is not like it was 10, 20, or certainly 100 years ago. At some point in the distant past, your ability to play poker was determined purely by your personal knowledge of the game and the cards you were dealt.

Meet the PokerTube Streamers

Meet the PokerTube streamers, we have amassed a team of poker streamers to represent our website, they provide educational information and prizes.

Global or Online Poker League?

They hae yet to clash head-2-head in any way, but there has been rumblings of competition and dissonance between the two - Global and Online Poker League.

Buying Up Action: The PokerVIP Marketplace

The Marketplace is a forum on the popular, where you can buy up a portion of another player’s action, essentially betting on that player’s ability to win.

Dogs Playing Poker: An Informational Vignette

Dogs playing poker is one of the most famous pieces of media related to poker, and an extremely well known painting at that. Learn more about this piece of history.

Poker Face: The Meaning and History

Poker face is one poker term that, among all others, has risen out of our game and into the common language at large. Many who know nothing of the game will know this term.