$20Million partypoker MILLIONS Online Adds $2.5Million BOOSTER SNG’s

10 months ago
$20Million partypoker MILLIONS Online Adds $2.5Million BOOSTER SNG’s
19 Oct

It’s only five weeks to go until the $20million guaranteed partypoker MILLIONS Online kicks off, and the build-up to the biggest-ever online event continues, as players vie for the final free spots via live events – and a $2.5million Booster jackpot is announced…

Last year’s 1027 runners looks sure to be exceeded by far, and the prizefund most certainly already is – the $5.1million of 12 months ago increased to an unprecedented $20,000,000, with a huge number of ways for players to get themselves a seat come ‘shuffle up and deal’ time on November 25th.

$2.5M MILLIONS Online Booster Jackpot!

The ‘Golden Ticket’ for the MILLIONS Online could well prove to be one of the SNG JACKPOT $2.5M BOOSTER tickets, any winner of the fast-paced, three-handed SNG JACKPOT BOOSTER set to walk off with double their money if they take down the MILLIONS Online next month as well.


Even if the jackpot isn’t won, the highest-finishing eligible player will still double their winnings up to a maximum of $20k, so it’s one of the most lucrative routes into the MILLIONS Online event regardless.

Win the $5,300 entry fee online

Taking the online route, partypoker’s MILLIONS Online Leaderboards offer the top 20 players a seat every single week, with mid and low leaderboards which also provide a backdoor in - $530 and $109 satellite tickets up for grabs, again rewards for the leading twenty.

Naturally there are straight satties available, with seats as prizes, the standard route players have been taking for years.

Win MILLIONS Online seats at Live events

All year long, partypoker have been doling out the $5,300 seats at their LIVE stops around the globe, ten per event to the top finishers, and there is still one more event to go – the Caribbean Poker Party running from 10th - 18th November, $53,000 worth of MILLIONS Online seats available if you run really deep. Remember, these are added value, not taken from the event’s guarantees.  

Guess the Entries for 1000 PP LIVE Dollars

A simple enough competition, if you guess the correct number of entries to the MILLIONS Online Main Event, you'll win 1,000 PP LIVE Dollars! This competition has proved extremely popular at the partypoker LIVE stops this year, and to submit a guess, simply click here and enter your guess with your country of residence.

Win a $22 PP LIVE Satellite ticket

The oldest known-route into big events is never likely to disappear from the poker landscape, and here all you have to do is Join My partypoker LIVE and link it to your partypoker.com account to get a free $22 PP LIVE Satellite ticket.

If you manage to run your $22 sattie up to a bigger score – or the ultimate MILLIONS Online Main Event title - it will be the best money you’ve never had to spend!

As always, the partypoker site has all the details – so head over now to book your place in the biggest online tournament in the history of poker - $20million is just around the corner!

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