Weekly High Stakes Report - Ike Haxton Up $620,000, Isildur1 Slows Down

5 years ago
Online High Stakes
25 May

The past seven day period certainly did not lack action at the highest stakes known to men, although one of the usual catalysts for the games, Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom wasn't nearly as active as during the last two weeks. Others picked up where he left off however and the show went on.

First significant action according to HighStakesDB took place on Tuesday, when 'Donger Kim' and Mikael 'ChaoRen160' Thuritz got involved in a five-hour heads-up match at the $100/$200 NLHE tables. After rather even first half of the match, the second half went completely to 'Donger Kim' who took the Swedish pro for $207k.

It was a rather decent day for Ben 'Sauce123' Sulsky who got involved in some PLO action at PokerStars tables. Facing the likes of 'Odd_Oddsen' and 'WRUUUUM', 'Sauce' held his own and finished the day about $167k to the good. 'natalie724' and 'Trueteller' also booked the profit of $102k and $96k respectively.

Wednesday continued in pretty much the same manner, although this time around other heroes were topping the winners' list. One of them was PokerStars pro Ike Haxton, who bagged a total profit of $173,500. However, Haxton wasn't the one sitting on top of the profit leaderboard, as that honor went to 'ringosnuff', who bagged just shy of $195k.

Other two six-figure winners for the day were 'BERRI SWEET' and Phil 'Polarizing' Ivey. While 'BERRI SWEET' amassed his $155k playing in the same games as Ike and 'ringosnuff', Ivey took on 'HoldemJill9' at the Full Tilt 8-Game tables and about 3.5 hours of play, 'Polarizing' ended with the profit of $148k.

It was a decent chunk of cash to lose, but 'HoldemJill9' was undeterred and the very next day, the two were back sitting across each other, battling it out at the 8-Game tables. Once again, poker gods proved to be shifty as things didn't quite go Ivey's way by the time the match ended. Although 'Polarizing' held a slight lead over his opponent during the most of the match, last half an hour cards fell 'HoldemJill9's' way to see him propel to $118k profit.

True to last week's form, Ivey remained very active at the tables. Friday saw him back in action and he was the one topping the winners' leaderboard by a lot. Playing against Ike 'luvtheWNBA' Haxton and 'HoldemJill9', 'Polarizing' emerged victorious in both PLO and 8-Game confrontations, finishing with the profit of almost $179k. Taking second place on the leaderboard was 'toweliestar' with a profit of $60k.

Like the most high stakes regulars, Ike wasn't particularly fazed by his Friday losses and Saturday saw him fresh and back at the PLO tables, looking to make up the losses. That's exactly what he did, and then some, after first taking on Sam 'S3 TRX' Trickett and then confronting Phil 'Polarizing' Ivey.

The match against Trickett was a short one, as the UK pro dropped $105k in fewer than 20 hands of play. Not long after, Ivey took his place and the two started what was going to be a much longer match. About three hours later, Haxton was sitting with another $162,000 profit for a daily total of $287k.

Saturday saw no other six-figure winners, as the second place on the profit leaderboard went to Sebastian 'taxtloss47' Ruthenberg winning $52,500.

Ike's back!

It was a certainly big week for the PokerStars Team Pro Isaac Haxton. His combined profit across the two sites (PokerStars and Full Tilt) amounted to very respectable $626,000, making him the past week's big winner.

'Donger Kim' did well for himself too, adding $217,000 t his bankroll. Phil Ivey had a swingy seven day stretch, but emerged on top when it was all said and done, with the combined profit of $200,000.

The same goes for 'HoldemJill9', in terms of swings at least, but he couldn't pull the six-figure week, ending with $66,000 to the good.

Those who kindly provided the profit for the above group included Mikael 'ChaoRen160' Thuritz who left $190k at the tables as well as Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom who wasn't very active, but still managed to lose about $170k.

German pro 'Trueteller' finished the week $142k lighter as well, while Sam 'S3 TRX' Trickett ended about $124k in the hole, mostly courtesy of that short skirmish with Ike Haxton.

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