5 Perks of Playing Online Poker

3 years ago
5 Perks of Playing Online Poker
31 Aug

Poker has been a favorite game for many people around the world for a very long time, and today, thanks to various technological developments, poker players can play their favorite games from the comfort of their home, while not going to land casinos. Although playing poker at a casino is a sublime experience for some, playing online poker has a number of advantages, owing to which online poker is rapidly becoming more and more popular.

The popularity of online gambling has risen considerably over the years. The question of why you should play poker online will have different answers depending on your level of skill and expertise, and what it is that you look to get out of the game of poker. If you’ve just discovered the game, for instance, it’s a great way to get your head in the game. If you have a few years of experience under your belt, on the other hand, it’s a great arena to hone your skills and stay sharp.

So, whatever your level of expertise or whatever goals you may have set for yourself when it comes to poker, we can tell you why you should play online.

Game advantages

  • Better variety of games at hand – In poker, there are many games being played on any type at any level at any time - from Omaha to Hold'em, from $.01 up to $40. If you’ve been playing poker at the casino for a long time and feel as though your game is getting stagnant and you’re not making as much money as you used to, you might need to sharpen your skills in ways that the live game just isn’t offering.
  • Unlimited cash games - Many casinos typically don't set up no-limit cash games because no-limit games, luck becomes less of a factor and skill tends to dominate. Therefore, these games tend to make people lose interest pretty quickly.
  • More tournaments to participate in - Casino card rooms only have tournaments at specified times on specified days; usually only a couple per week. However, when it comes to online poker, there are many more multi-table tournaments, and ongoing (unscheduled) sit-n-go's.
  • Plays multiple poker tables at once - Many low-limit players like to play many tables at once, sometimes up to 4 or 8. Not only does this increase a player’s win rate, but it also works out the profits because they are playing around 200-400 hands per hour.


  • No money, no problem - You can sit down and get started in online poker with absolutely no money. Even a simple $5 deposit can set you on your way to literally hours of poker, and potentially heavy returns. It’s always a scary moment when deciding to pull the trigger and make that first deposit online. Luckily, nothing could be simpler or less intimidating. New players often worry about a lack of a bankroll, and that’s something that online poker perfectly caters to.
  • Bonuses! - Because of the low cost, online poker rooms reward players with attractive bonuses and rewards for loyalty when people sign up. Most bonuses tend to be about 10% of the initial deposit. Some gambling websites also offer “reload bonuses”, which are bonuses offered to players who already have accounts open. In most cases, you have to play a certain number of hands before cashing out the bonus and/or wait 30 days before cashing it out. Always read the terms and conditions of the bonus offers.

All in all, poker is an ideal game for players who would like to consciously improve their chances of winning instead of relying entirely on Lady Luck. Although a bit of luck is needed to win a game of poker, that doesn’t mean it is not also a game of skill and strategy, and any player who puts in the required efforts, master poker strategies, and spends several hours practicing playing poker will pave their way to become an established poker pro.

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