58 homicides, 1 suicide Says Official Vegas Massacre Report

2 years ago
58 homicides, 1 suicide Says Official Vegas Massacre Report
22 Dec

The horrific gun massacre in Las Vegas this October which left 58 innocent concert-goers dead has finally seen the official coroner’s report released, each of the killings ruled as homicide by gunshot, with the shooter Stephen Paddock’s death confirmed as suicide.

Clark County coroner John Fudenberg explained that it took his office so long to release the information ‘because his staff was striving for accuracy and wanted to update the families first’ according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

This week also saw the FBI release information for the first time, Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse stating that he believes:

“There is one person and one person alone to blame for what happened… and that is Stephen Paddock.”

The mass shooting on October 1st saw poker-playing Paddock open fire on a crowd outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, killing 58 and injuring hundreds more among the thousands attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

The majority of those killed died from a single gunshot wound, the coroner’s office stated, while six died from multiple wounds. Paddock himself died ‘from a gunshot wound to the head that entered through the mouth’ and his death was ruled as suicide, according to a separate statement from the coroner yesterday.

Initial investigations into Paddock’s possible motives discovered that he had been consistently losing money through gambling in the 2 years prior to the attack, casino records showing that he had withdrawn vast sums, "each transaction in currency involving cash-in and cash-out of more than $10,000 in a gaming day."

The FBI, however, are still searching for the reason behind Paddock’s actions, Rouse stating this week, “Ours is focusing a large part on the why, OK? Which is what everybody wants to know,” but admitted it is likely to be well into next year before a final report is published, although it is expected before the October 1st anniversary.

He explained further:

“Now that’s a long time for some people, but speaking for the FBI, that’s light speed, all right?”

Although he claimed, “We may never know,” when asked why Paddock had carried out such an atrocity, he said of the initial investigation – which saw 400 specialists brought in and 500 grand jury subpoenas issued:

“We didn’t leave anything uncovered. And again, the casinos, with their support, let us track down a lot of information of who may have had contact with that person. And it was very helpful to us.”

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