67 Bot Accounts Shut Down by partypoker in June

3 years ago
67 Bot Accounts Shut Down by partypoker in June
11 Jul

partypoker’s battle against the bots in June produced 67 account closures, with over $30,000 in total seized and soon to be redistributed to players affected by the cheats…

The red diamond site has been releasing numbers from its bot battle victories for a few months now, a specialist Poker Fraud Team as well as player vigilance accounting for hundreds of accounts being shut down.

June saw 63 of the 67 targeted accounts coming from the site’s main dotcom license, with $24,257 seized.

The other four accounts caught were from partypoker’s .eu ring-fenced market, a nice round total of €8,888 taken from the bot cheats.

The partypoker push against the online bots is part of an ongoing and wider drive to make the site the safest place to play online poker.

Encouraging players to report suspicious activity via reports@partypoker.com is only one step in the bid to rid the site of unscrupulous accounts.

In addition, the site has continued to invest resources to safeguard players, a specialist Poker Fraud Team in place to investigate suspicious activity.

The collection of former poker professionals has already had considerable success, and the site’s transparent policy of publicly updating account closures every month has been heralded as a new industry standard.

partypoker revealed that they shut down 277 ‘bot’ accounts between 1 December 2018 and 31 March 2019 and redistributed $734,852.15 in associated funds, going public with their numbers in April of this year.

The table below shows the details of the bot-busts over the last three months

Accounts closed/money seized:



The battle against the bots is only one part of a wider Fairplay approach to the online game introduced by the site.

The removal of HUDs and downloadable hand histories was also implemented in recent weeks, and a name-change was included in the list of around 50 site improvements that partypoker are rolling out this year.

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