666Bet Officially Shutting Down

5 years ago
666Bet Closing
13 Jul

The UK Gambling Commission has reported that 666Bet won’t relaunch its operations in the UK as its parent company Metro Play is facing a compulsory wind-up.

Due to an order given to Metro Play Limited by the Court of Alderney on July 2nd, the company must close its remaining operations and begin liquidation of its assets. The UK Gambling Commission has confirmed that Metro Play’s license has expired and that they can’t offer their services in the UK anymore.

Metro Play is no longer licensed in the UK, which means that 666bet can’t relaunch its operations. According to the Commission’s report, they cannot say with any certainty if the current situation with Metro Play will affect payment of the outstanding balances to their customers.

It is well known that numerous 666Bet customers are still waiting to get their money back. When Paul Bell, director of the 666bet, was arrested back in March, UK Gambling Commission suspended the license of the company.

Neil Andrews, 666Bet’s Head of Brand, stated that arrest of the Paul Bell won’t affect 666Bet operations and that no one will suffer financial loss. However, not long after their website went offline and people were unable to make a contact with Metro Play. UK Gambling Commission explained back in March that suspension of the license does not prevent company from returning balances to their customers.

Customers eventually lost their patience after 666Bet failed to return the outstanding balances and launched online petition in order to get their money back. Angry clients were demanding their funds, describing 666Bet as a company of thieves.

Two months ago UK Commission announced that 666Bet has returned money to many customers. It was revealed that the company set the deadline for withdrawal requests and that all customers will get their money back.

However 666Bet has once again failed to keep the promise and clients were experiencing difficulties in making withdrawals requests. The UK Gambling Commission was unable to help them with this process. The commission explained that they can’t return money to customers and that they can’t guarantee that all clients would be paid.

It is clear that customers of the troubled gambling operator are currently in much worse position that they were before the latest UKGC’s announcement. Many believe that 666Bet failed to meet their obligations and that many customers’ funds will stay frozen on the website, especially now when Metro Play’s license has expired.

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