Accused Murderer Lost $3500 Playing Cards With His Victim

5 months ago
Accused Murderer Lost $3500 Playing Cards With His Victim
30 Nov

A poker game in Florida took a sinister turn when the winner disappeared, this month seeing the man he beat charged with murder after a body was found in a burned-out car.

21-year-old Hudson, Florida man Michael Psilakis has been charged with murder, the identity of his alleged victim kept anonymous by the state’s Marsy’s Law that protects victims of crime.

Psilakis, it is claimed, lost $1000 to his victim playing poker, followed by another $2500 the following day, after which he texted a friend asking whether he should kill his opponent.

The alleged murderer botched his cover-up efforts, the burned-out car of the victim quickly found and identified. Psilakis’s own mother revealed there were blood stains in the garage, and while talking to police her son called.

He allegedly told her they ‘needed to coordinate their stories’ before driving to her home where police were waiting for him.

Police claimed that Psilakis had ‘blood seeping through his tube socks’ when questioned, as well as ‘burn marks on his shins’.

A search of his mobile phone revealed searches for phrases including “can u shoot through a seat” and “how to treat burns” according to local press reports.

Florida police also matched a shell casing found at the possible murder scene to a gun found in Psilakis’ car, and a further witness claims to have found $20,000 in a safe Psilakis used, as well as ‘a pair of his bloody underwear in her washing machine.’

Psilakis is also facing weapons, grand theft auto and resisting arrest charges in addition to the murder charge, and is being held without bail. No court dates have been set.

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