ACR Clamp Down on Bots and Reimburse Players

7 months ago
ACR Clamp Down on Bots and Reimburse Players
14 Apr

Americas Cardroom have launched a war on online poker ‘bots’, this week handing back $175,728.80 to its players and naming FoxRox as the latest big bot account to be shut down…

Although many sites have attempted to clamp down on the illegal use of ‘bots’ - basically computer programs that have been designed to play online poker against human opponents - the Winning Poker Network (WPN) that includes ACR in its stable has become “the first and only online poker room offering a transparent, verifiable reimbursement policy”.

The US-facing site, as can be seen from their announcement tweet above, have taken the decision to not only release the offending account name, but also how much was scammed by the account and also how the money will be reimbursed.

“All our cards are face up” is how ACR describe their new approach, detailing their Reimbursement Policy as can be seen below:

‘We reimburse money won from players by accounts proven to be breaking WPN’s fair play policies. We use the following method for reimbursement:

  • Tournaments – Ladder Up: We remove the offending player from the payout spot and move each lower payout spot up one position and pay each player the difference between his old spot and new spot.
  • Cash games – We subtract losses to the offending player from wins taken from the offending player in a given session.
  • We reimburse to a cap of $25,000 per offending player. The reimbursed funds are distributed to affected players beginning with the most recent occurrence to the oldest.

WPN started listing their bot ‘captures’ and subsequent reimbursements as of April 11th, kicking off naturally with FoxRox

Banned Screenname


Affected Users
April 11th

…and a quick click on the drop-down menu shows who has been paid back for their losses, and how much…a few of the grateful recipients listed below...

ACR state of the reimbursements:

“We do our best to calculate reimbursements correctly; however, we encourage our valued players to check their records and ensure we took care of them”.

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