ACR Poker Crushes 2023

2 months ago
ACR Poker
01 Jan

In 2023, ACR Poker continued to make waves in the online poker world with its signature Venom tournaments and the Online Super Series (OSS). These events offered the full range of players the opportunity to compete for massive prize pools and the chance to make poker history.

The Venom tournaments, ACR's flagship events, are top tier in the poker world. The marquee tournament first kicked off in January for $5 million GTD and then returned from July to August, with a guaranteed prize pool of $10 million, including at least $1,000,000 for the top finisher. Hands down the biggest PKO event online today.

The first Venom of 2023 saw BochkarevRU emerge as the champion, walking away with a whopping $1.2 million. Later in the year, Brandon Lulov, aka S3L3NAGOMEZZ, won the Venom main event, earning a career-best payday of $1.5 million.

Another highlight of the year was ACR Poker sending Manuel "NeverfoldQ5" Zapf to Triton Poker London. Watch the video below to see how he did it.

The OSS also had a remarkable year. The OSS Cub3d Encore series, which ran from September 4 to 27, boasted over $29 million in guaranteed prize pools. Later in the year, ACR Poker outdid itself with the Online Super Series XL, offering a record-breaking $50 million in guarantees from September 3 to October 2. Insane added value.

ACR Pro Chris Moorman had a notable year, finishing in fourth place in the prestigious $10,400 buy-in World Poker Tour World Championship. The online poker GOAT candidate continues to go from strength to strength.

After all was said and done, 2023 was a year of high-stakes, intense competition, and life-changing wins on ACR Poker.

The Venom tournaments and the OSS continued to attract a large number of players, offering them the chance to compete for massive prize pools and make their mark in the world of online poker.

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