Alex Goulder Outs Chino Rheem As He Pulls Yet Another Scam!!!

2 years ago
Alex Goulder Outs Chino Rheem As He Pulls Yet Another Scam!!!
09 Apr

Serial scammer David “Chino” Rheem has allegedly been up to his old tricks, English pro Alex Goulder taking to Twitter to accuse the Californian of scamming his backers by lying about how he bust out of the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final €1,100 Open Event in Barcelona.

Rheem’s previous when it comes to lying to and not paying his backers is legendary, to the point where it’s unbelievable to many how he actually has people willing to put up money for him.

PokerTube has previously covered Rheem’s scams in some detail, and the 2+2 forum has more than one thread devoted to his legendary money problems and cheats, the most recent catchily titled ‘Chino Rheem SCUM part two (more scams)’.

That thread, started by Bill Molson, a poker high-roller of Canadian beer company fame who loaned Rheem $20k in a transfer, which was accidentally doubled by PokerStars to $40k. Despite Rheem cashing for some $150k in the event, he still hadn’t repaid Molson a year later, prompting the Canadian to go public in the hope that others wouldn’t share the same fate.

 “Chino has an art of scamming people. He is very charming, and makes you feel really ****ty if you don't lend him money. He makes you feel really guilty, and convinces you 100% that he'll pay you back tomorrow...etc...” wrote KMPoker in the 2+2 thread.

Rheem was also caught on camera being screamed at in a viral poker video in 2011, his accuser shouting: "You owe the whole ****ing city of Las Vegas money - you're a bitch,” which pretty much summed up what most people think about Rheem, and shows the down-side of poker-staking.

His latest alleged attempt to hoodwink investors in his poker adventures is still short of details, but Doug Polk tried to ensure that Rheem was at least aware of the accusations…

…while Mike Dentale was hopefully being a bit tongue in cheek when he tweeted…

For those wondering what possible benefit there could be to Rheem chucking his entire stack away with a dubious 4-bet, others were on hand to explain…

…which roughly translates as:

“When you sell 150% + and the bubble approaches happen things I guess 😊🐷 “

Backers might not be best pleased to find this out, hence the apparent lie from Rheem as to how he bust out.

PokerTube have contacted both Goulder and Rheem for further comment.

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