Andrew Neeme Caught Bluffing

3 years ago
Andrew Neeme gets caught in a quandary!
11 Jan

He’s one of the best and most-popular poker vloggers out there at the moment, particularly if you enjoy watching and listening to a live cash game player as I do, and Andrew Neeme’s latest offering sees him caught in a bit of a dilemma… to bluff or not to bluff?

The Michigan born-and-raised pro learned his poker ropes in London while working in the music industry, but now the Vegas cash games are his bread-and-butter, but as all good players know – casino cash games pit us against all kinds of opponents!

Amateurs with decent poker knowledge, ‘fish’ who are there simply for enjoyment, fellow mid-stake pros looking to grind out a weekly paycheck, sharks looking to bite off as much of the tourist bankroll as they can. So how to approach such a game and what lines should you take?

Neeme, looking dog-tired and sitting in his car at 6am after a long session at the tables, dissects a number of hands in his vlog– including an eventual $4000 pot which has him slightly perplexed.

Should he follow the ‘GTO-approach’, game-theory optimal play which has come to the fore these last few years as the theoretically best way to play hands?

Or should he be putting much more importance on the specific players he is facing at the given time?

It’s a tough decision – and the $5/10 cash tables at his favourite haunt the Bellagio means that he’s probably sitting with a mixture of all the types described above. Who is who and which is which and should it matter?

Well, you’ll have to watch the action unfold and decide for yourself, but – and I’m not at Andrew’s level of play I have to confess – I don’t like his play in this hand one little bit! Still, after his ‘low-key’ birthday celebration the day before, walking off with a $788 profit isn’t such a bad night’s work!

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