Andrew Neeme Unboxes His Silver Play Button

3 months ago
Andrew Neeme Unboxes His Silver Play Button
07 Jun

Andrew Neeme received his Silver Play Button from YouTube, an award recognizing a YouTube channel that reaches over 100,000 subscribers

Neeme, currently on 117k subscribers, received his Silver Play Button a few months ago but waited until two days before the WSOP to record a video commemorating the event.

He began the video by placing his 2017 and 2018 GPI Awards for Vlogger of the year and for Personality of the Year on a table, with a space in the middle for the black box the Silver Play Button comes in. 

After unboxing the Silver Play Button, he thanked his fans, noting that they come from all over the world. Neeme correctly pointed out that many others have followed in his footsteps and he inspired people to create their own YouTube channels and compare that success with winning a bracelet

“Would [winning a WSOP bracelet] reach a hundred thousand different people from countries all over the world the same way this channel has done? I’m not too sure.”

These days it’s not enough to just upload your videos and hope people will find them. YouTube has an algorithm that decides which videos are recommended to which people; manipulating this algorithm is a game of skill and luck, much like poker. 

While he has yet to win a major poker tournament, Neeme just won the YouTuber equivalent to a WSOP bracelet, and for that, we congratulate him!

You can watch the full unboxing and listen to Andrew Neeme’s full speech, in the video below.

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