AP/UB Players Approved for New Round of Payments

2 years ago
AP/UB Players Approved for New Round of Payments
03 Nov

Just when complaints about delayed reimbursement were getting louder, former players of UltimateBet and Absolute Poker were approved for a new wave of payments in the ongoing remission process.

PokerTube covered the story of payment delaysa few days ago as online poker forums have been rife with posts from players who have been wondering what's taking so long. The US Department of Justice and the claims administration firm Garden City Group (GCG) answered those complaints by advising that a fourth batch of payments will be landing in the hands of petitioners within a few weeks.

This latest round will see 494 players receive $133,005.04. That pales in comparison to the three prior payment waves that distributed the following totals:

August 2017
7,400 players
$33.5 million
October 2017
4,600 players
$3.7 million
March 2018
450 players

Included in the fourth round of reimbursement will be players who disputed the account balances that the GCG had on record. The GCG will soon be sending emails to the 494 petitioners who are in line to receive payment.

The emails will confirm the total amount of funds to be sent, as well as the method of payment. US players can expect an ACH deposit into their bank accounts, while players abroad will receive foreign currency checks.

The latest announcement of reimbursement made no mention of whether or not another batch of payments will be forthcoming. Unfortunately, even when the remission process has been completed, the whole Full Tilt and Black Friday saga will remain as an indelible stain on the history of online poker.

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