Full Tilt Paid Erik Seidel $60Million Claims Mike Matusow

2 years ago
Full Tilt Paid Erik Seidel $60Million Claims Mike Matusow
31 Oct

Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow was at it again recently, this time taking aim at Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel.

The exchange took place on Twitter where Seidel posted a seemingly innocent tweet in reference to NBC sacking Megyn Kelly from her daytime Megyn Kelly Today show for making insensitive comments about whether or not wearing a blackface for Halloween is appropriate in this day and age.

Although Kelly got fired, she will apparently continue to collect on a $69 million contract. That prompted Seidel to tweet the following:

The Mouth was quick to reply, the Full Tilt mismanagement and alleged Ponzi scheme fiasco of seven years ago still on his mind. Seidel was a part owner of the poker room and is believed to have been paid handsomely during Full Tilt's heyday prior to Black Friday in 2011.

Although the majority of Full Tilt players were reimbursed following a government-sponsored remissions process that was accomplished thanks to a bailout of Full Tilt by the owners of PokerStars, some FTP players who were labeled as site pros were excluded from recompense.

Matusow is quite active on Twitter, posting almost 15,000 times since joining the social media platform in 2009. His followers number 112,000, many of them often disagreeing with The Mouth's observations and sometimes outlandish opinions.

However, Mike's jab at Seidel was met with almost overwhelming approval from his followers, such as this one:

As of this writing, Seidel has yet to respond to The Mouth.

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