AP/UB Players to Collect $3.7 Million in Second Round of Remission

11 months ago
AP/UB Players to Collect $3.7 Million in Second Round of Remission
26 Oct

The DoJ has approved the second batch of reimbursement for victims of the Absolute Poker and UltimateBet shutdown of six years ago, with roughly $3.7 million on its way to about 4,600 players.

A new notice was posted a few days ago by claims administrator Garden City Group (GCG) on the official website dedicated to the remission process. Former AP/UB players who filed and confirmed their claims before the Sept. 7 filing deadline are among the recipients who will be made whole.

An exact date as to when the new round will be completed was not stated by the GCG. The new posting informed only that "within the next few weeks" emails will be sent to players in the US and abroad, advising the amount and method of payment.

ACH or Cheque

For the most part, recipients residing in the US can expect reimbursement of their outstanding account balances via ACH, while rest of world players will receive a foreign currency cheque. Included in the upcoming emails to approved claimants will be instructions on providing proper banking information.

Petitioners who may be in arrears to the government will have the debt amount deducted from their reimbursement. Instructions on filling out the required forms for such claimants will also be spelled out in the email notices.

The first batch of reimbursement to AP/UB players, who are grouped together due to both belonging to the Cereus Network, commenced on September 29, 2017. About $33.5 million made its way to roughly 7,400 players whose claims were undisputed.

The upcoming second wave is also made up of non-disputed claimants. The claims of players who disagree with the account balances on record with GCG will, naturally, take longer to process. Disputed claims are next in line to be reviewed, according to a previous GCG posting.

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