AP-UB Remission Claim Deadline Nears

1 year ago
AP-UB Remission Claim Deadline Nears
06 Sep

Calling all poker-playing procrastinators!

This is your final notice that the deadline for filing a petition in the Absolute Poker and UltimateBet remission process will officially end on Thursday, September 7, 2017.

The deadline was extended once already by the Asset and Forfeiture Division of the DoJ and it seems unlikely that the due date will be prolonged even further. The original June 9 filing date was lengthened 90 days to accommodate former AB and UP online poker players who may have turned their attention to interests other than poker after the sh*t hit the fan on Black Friday in 2011.

Those players - as well as players who continue to log on at the handful of sites available to Americans - have had five months to claim their account balances at the Cereus Network poker sites, which is plenty of time to apply for reimbursement.

A Gift From the Heavens

Let's face it. Most of us - myself included - had written off ever seeing our lost funds. The announcement back in April that the DoJ would refund AP-UB players with money left over from the Full Tilt remission process came as a wonderful and shocking surprise six years after the equally shocking events of Black Friday.

Online poker forums were flush with posts like this one from 'upskthx' at 2+2 following the news that AP and UBers would be made whole:

"Yesssssss. Kissed that money goodbye years ago. So happy for everyone!"

Reimbursements Totaling $33.5 Million Coming Soon

Last month, players who had successfully filed their petitions for remission should have received notice that their banking information was required to complete the claim process. If you filed a petition and didn't receive such an email, you can go to the claims administration website and follow up.

The first wave of reimbursements to roughly 7,400 players should be landing in bank accounts sometime this month. A whopping $33.5 million is in the queue!

Now if only we can somehow add Full Flush Poker to the PokerStars, Full Tilt and AP-UB lawsuit filed by the DoJ in 2011, I can get all my outstanding funds from poker sites that did me wrong.

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