Armenian Mike Angles on Live at the Bike?

11 months ago
Armenian Mike Angles on Live at the Bike?
11 Jun

Joke, angleshooting or downright cheating? That’s the question on everyone’s minds after watching Live at the Bike’s latest controversy, and to most right-minded poker players it’s not even a close-run thing, LatB regular ‘Armenian Mike’ is a downright angle shooter…

From the video in Ingram’s tweet above, it’s perfectly clear that ‘Armenian Mike’ shoves his $10k rack of chips forward as an “all-in”, only to retract his bet as a joke when Ryan Feldman instacalls, and that’s where the ridiculous story begins… well-known names jumping into the debate immediately…

Last month saw a similar problem arise when another regular, Harry, pissed off his entire table, after agreeing to run the turn and river twice – then changing his mind after he saw his top pair/shit kicker, was seriously outgunned by trips!

Harry’s indiscretion paled in comparison to Mike’s outright angle shoot this week, however, although one or two Twitter followers had an idea why it took so long to deal with such an obvious decision…

…as others were astounded that there was even a discussion over what Mike’s ‘joke’ shove amounted to…

Others still weren’t even sure what happened at the end of the saga…

… a frankly ridiculous affair which only ended when Garret Adelstein spoke up and explained that Mike really should just pay up, as did the LatB commentary team who stated:

“Armenian Mike has to man up here and pay”.

Which he eventually did, but with a complete lack of grace or honour.

Danielle Moon raised one of the main points here though: the floor should be making the ruling and not leaving Feldman in such a shitty position…

Although as Thomas Keeling, aka Srsly Sirius pointed out on the 2+2 forum:

“I can understand Feldman feeling reluctant to stand firm, as there are likely conflicting interests as producer of the show. But if that's an issue, he probably shouldn't be playing in these games to begin with”.

The fact that there is a 12-page, 299-post thread on the forum titled ‘re: Shady/Angle Shooting Moves on LATB’ suggests that Live at the Bike really need to get a grip on their rulings and players.

‘All publicity is good publicity’ might not be as sound an ethos as it is claimed to be, one 2+2 poster, Videopro, stating:

"The primary purpose of the show is to promote the room as a fun place to play and to come on down."

He added:

“As someone that is visiting LA at the moment and has appeared on the show in the Limon days, based on the floor's inability to rule this correctly I am never setting foot in the Bike again”.

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