Be My Poker Valentine?

2 years ago
Be My Poker Valentine?
14 Feb

Poker isn’t usually a game where showing emotions at the table is a good idea, although plenty of people have fallen out while playing cards, but how about off the table? Is there any room for love given that it’s Valentine’s Day? Let’s see if the pros have been tweeting their nearest and dearest…

There was plenty of love from the big poker sites, as evidenced by this Full Tilt tweet…

…but had it trickled down to the players?

Well, it was flowers and…poker…today for Kitty Kuo, the Taiwanese pro torn between husband Russell Thomas and a romantic day off. Poker, as always, won out!

And no love to or from Doug Polk it seems…in fact a less romantic post I’m struggling to find!

Not a lot of love there! How about Negreanu and Hellmuth? They’re usually quick off the mark on Twitter. Nope, not a peep from the old-school lovers, unless we count Dnegs’ unrequited love from a day or two ago…

In the meantime we have to go back to SkyPoker for some hot lovin’…

Liv Boeree always springs to mind when I think about love and romance (though I’ve no idea why!) but it seems like husband Igor Kurganov may have spoiled the mood a few days back…

So just where is the love in the poker world? Over to you readers!

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