Betcoin Poker To Return Bad Beat Jackpot Money After Backlash

1 year ago
Betcoin Poker To Return Bad Beat Jackpot Money After Backlash
29 Dec

After a massive backlash, Betcoin will give back the Bad Beat Jackpot money to its rightful owners. But did they learned their lesson?

After Betcoin Poker closed on Christmas day, players did not know if they would ever receive the money they contributed to the player-funded Bad Beat Jackpot.

Players grew impatient at the faceless corporation's deafening silence and lashed out at the Betcoin Poker Pro Scot Lenter AKA Isnortbooze

On The TwoPlusTwo forums, players asked Scot a lot of questions regarding the company, questions he could not (or would not) answer

Advice for future sponsored pros: When dealing with player funds, "I don't know" is not an answer.

This led to players demanding the release of the owner's contact information, to get some answers, but Scot was not willing to provide it

Todd Witteles AKA Kilowatt host of the PokerFraudAlert Podcast chimed in with the best advice for Scot.

Betcoin Answers Bad Beat Jackpot Question… And It Only Makes matters Worse 

Then, the day after we first reported on the story, Betcoin finally answered:

That is not a joke, this tone-deaf post is the official answer given by a gambling site even after Black Friday

You might be surprised to hear that after reading this, people were not eager to join Betcoin into the great unknown, with that single, bafflingly tone-deaf post, a group of vocally unsatisfied customers became a raging fire of hatred

The flames of this controversy were high and mighty as our article was making the rounds and Todd Witteles released his podcast episode on the issue.

Betcoin Apologizes and Finally Does What's Right

This prompted Betcoin to issue a retraction on December 28, here it is in its entirety. 

They were very kind to inform me directly about it before asking for a retraction.

The previous article is now updated with a link to this article.

So Betcoin Finally Retracted After a Massive Backlash, What Did We Learn?

While Betcoin finally did the right thing (and for that they get exactly one pat on the back) it was you, the player, the costumer that made this happen. 

Always remember, casinos and poker rooms need you more than you will ever need them, so don't be afraid to demand and speak up when you believe they are treating you unfairly. 

You are more than a player, you are a customer, you have the right to choose where to play, to group up and to demand your money back

Does this apology mean that I would recommend to anyone? 

Well, no. Seeing how they managed their poker client, I can't, in good conscience, recommend it to anyone. However, I want to believe this apology is sincere, and I will be checking in on it periodically to see how they're treating their players (even if they're moving away from my beat). 

Meanwhile, Pokertube will report on any further developments until they make good on their promise.

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