Beth Shak's Topless Photos Hacked

3 years ago
Beth Shak's Topless Photos Hacked
16 Jun

A cyber criminal has apparently targeted Beth Shak, stealing topless photos from her iCloud and hacking into her social media, email, and bank accounts.

The winner of more than $480,000 in live poker tournaments, Shak is the former wife of top "amateur" poker player Dan Shak and is currently involved in divorce proceedings with Rick Leventhal of Fox News. Their marriage failed to last even one year.

Stalker on the Loose

Beth reported that the hacking began in April when three topless photos were pilfered and her Gmail and Wells Fargo passwords were changed, as were settings on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Also tampered with were Beth's Facebook and LinkedIn pages, with one being deactivated and a personal message deleted on the other.

Making matters worse, the invasion of privacy has apparently not been confined to only the Internet, as Shak claims to have also been followed by a stranger. It has caused her to leave New York in fear of her safety.

“Beth has no idea who is doing this, but she intends to find out," a source reportedly told Page Six. "She won’t stop until the person doing this persuasive hacking is in jail."

Investigative Practices 101

Internet specialists and a lawyer have been retained by Shak, with subpoenas directed to social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as her cell phone provider. The hacker has also managed to attack her cell phone, sending a warning for Beth to “make the most of every day you breathe the air above ground.”

Anyone who watches crime shows knows that significant others are tops on the list of possible suspects, especially when a divorce is in the works. However, Leventhal stated that it is preposterous to include him among those who might want to stalk or terrorize Shak.

"I have no idea who might want to hack her or why,” said the Fox News senior correspondent. “I have no interest in following her or accessing any of her accounts. All I’ve wanted since she filed for divorce is a smooth, amicable resolution."

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