Bill Perkins Claims ‘Super Pro of Pros’ Ghosted Friend in Private Game Cheating Scandal

1 month ago
Bill Perkins Claims ‘Super Pro of Pros’ Ghosted Friend in Private Game Cheating Scandal
25 May

Bill Perkins took to Twitter this weekend claiming he was cheated in a private online poker game – enraged that an unnamed ‘super pro of pros’ had played in place of a supposed friend

Perkins had most of the poker Twittersphere guessing at the ‘super pro’ after he had tweeted out an earlier mysterious message claiming that a scandal bigger than the Mike Postle alleged cheating affair had occurred.

With possible names and cheating situations quickly going viral among the poker community, Perkins would only confirm that the pro in question wasn’t Jason Koon – the partypoker pro apparently turning down an offer to ghost into the private highstakes game.

Perkins later revealed the ‘settlement’ he came to with one of the unnamed players…

‘Settlement w/ 1 participant gave my word I would not Publicly reveal UNLESS they lied during questions
Game: Private
App: download for friends
Cheating: pros playing for fish account (so far)
Participants #: unknown now
Investigation: Ongoing
Evidence: confession/physical’

Replies to Perkins, however, soon had him riled up again – blocking one poster and then engaging in a spat with Doug Polk – not the first or last time Polk has become embroiled in public disputes.

A low-blow dig at Polk’s YouTube money-making schemes was later apologised for, but it seemed in general that poker fans had expected more from Perkins after his initial scandal claims last night.

However, if one of the best players  in the world is involved as Perkins suggests, and adding in the fact that Perkins private games tend to be at very highstakes, then it’s quite a scandal in its own right.

Perkins also stated:

‘Actually in the games that confirmed cheating I actually won. Others not so much.....integrity matters irrespective of the results in my world maybe not in yours?’

Ghosting has been around for a very long time – many sites not classifying it as ‘cheating’ mainly because it is almost impossible to police or prove.

 For the most part, however, players frown upon ghosting – and the fact that it involved a friend of Perkins and a pro he likely also knows, makes it a pretty odious affair.

As for the identity of the ‘super pro of pros’ - that may never be revealed, but the number who fit this description isn’t exactly huge.

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