Bill Perkins Gives Daniel Negreanu 10 to 1 Odds on his Match with Doug Polk

8 months ago
Bill Perkins Gives Daniel Negreanu 10 to 1 Odds on his Match with Doug Polk
03 Nov

Bill Perkins has offered Daniel Negreanu 10 to 1 odds on beating Doug Polk, the long odds an “incentive” for Kid Poker to win the highly-anticipated grudge match that kicks off this week.

Perkins has been taking a keen interest in the match, revealing last week that he had already booked $1million in sidebets, half of that with Polk himself.

The multi-millionaire who made his money as a hedge fund manager tweeted:

“Have about 1MM so far booked on @RealKidPoker vs @DougPolkVids HU poker battle. With about 500k booked directly w/ the HU Master D Polk himself. I think Doug is a fav but trust Dnegs has been studying w/ the #HybridPoker wizards & their accelerated learning tool so better than 4/1.”

That 4-1 price on Negreanu is what Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow got last week when they placed a total of $25k on Negreanu, although for Mike it included his entire bankroll of $10k.

The ‘Grudge Match of the Century’ between Negreanu and Polk took quite some time to arrange, although the rules have now been set as we explained recently…

  • Rule #1: Online NLHE $200/$400 across two tables simultaneously
  • Rule #2: Play will take place on, each player loading $1million onto the site.
  • Rule #3: Match will consist of 25,000 hands, losing player at halfway point allowed to buy out.
  • Rule #4: Preflop charts, HUDs and hand trackers are not allowed.
  • Rule #5: Hole cards will be shown for a portion of the match only at the PokerGo studio.

Interest in the battle has of course been huge, with Fedor Holz still looking for some action on Negreanu at 4.5-1, while Jonathan Little thinks Negreanu is well worth a bet at those odds.

Little tweeted out:

“I think most people are not aware of how Negreanu has substantially improved his skills in various games in short periods of time in the past (especially 6-max NL). I bet Negreanu at 5:1 presuming Doug was one of the best at HUNL. Seems like a reasonable value bet to me.”

DNegs himself has apparently been struggling in his warm-up sessions…

…while Polk has peppered his timeline in recent weeks with tales of his pre-match prep, and he revealed the exact figures

“My results since getting back to playing:
-        25/50 and under: +$165,055.94
-        50/100: +$85,760.59
-        100/200 ACR: +$70,102.42
-        100/200 WSOP: -$366,955.90
-        Total: -$46,036, Up 30 buyins
[ ] Doing it right.”

The match is due to kick off this Wednesday, November 4th.

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