Bill Perkins Offers to Sponsor $200k Prize Boxing Match Between Matt Berkey and Robert Kuhn

1 month ago
Bill Perkins Offers to Sponsor $200k Prize Boxing Match Between Matt Berkey and Robert Kuhn
21 Jun

A Twitter spat between poker pros Matt Berkey and Robert Kuhn escalated so far this week that Bill Perkins stepped in to offer a $200k prizefund for a boxing ‘straightener’ to settle their differences!

Berkey, the SolveForWhy founder and Kuhn, founder of Elite Poker Coaching, have been at loggerheads for quite some time, but recently it spilled over into serious insults.

It started with Kuhn voicing his opinion on ‘cancel culture’ and Berkey calling Kuhn out over past misdeeds...

Kuhn responded with his ‘hometown’ way of dealing with such matters:

“Hey Berk, I feel as if we've had our differences. In my hometown we usually settle these things with our fist. Would a 100k ufc cage match be of any interest to you, or perhaps that's too small for your massively hourly you make.”

With talk of a cage fight and various other ways to settle their beef, Perkins stepped in with his $200k financial incentive for both players, although dependent on whether or not he wins his own ongoing battle with Landon Tice.

Berkey, however, didn’t much fancy trying to bridge the 90lb weight gap, so talk turned to a more civilised poker fight, although that didn’t arise without a battle of words either.

Eventually they seemed to have settled terms for the latest in a long line of heads-up grudge matches, Kuhn revealing:

“Alright so me and @berkey11 have (tentatively) agreed on terms as follows: 16k hand 200/400 8konline/8klive(idk If live first) Alternate every 4.5k hands Either player can stop at 1mm loss We start with 80k(200bb) Starting roughly July 6th on wsop AZ.”

And Kuhn even found it within himself to apologise for some of his earlier bad behaviour, stating:

“Today I choose peace, me and Berkey are still on and money is being escrowed. I was a bit of cunt yesterday because of some news I got. Sorry if I was absurd. No excuses for being a douche but the match between me and @berkey11 is still on. @JeffGrossPoker will be escrow sent 2mm.”

That means Perkins is off the hook for a potential $200k outlay, and he can refocus on avoiding a $720k+ loss to Tice – that number equating to the odds of 9bb/100 he managed to secure from his young opponent.

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