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Bilzerian Bets that He Can Bike to Las Vegas
08 Mar

Once upon a time, the King of Instagram Dan Bilzerian had a dream life, spending most of his time alongside countless female friends with no worries whatsoever. Proof you ask? Well, what you’re about to see is only a glimpse of Bilzerian’s boss life:

Unfortunately for Blitz, those days are long gone and for the next month or so, he will be facing hell...or at least, that’s what he says:

Don’t worry though: after April 1, 2016, things will most likely go back to normal. It’s only a temporary hell, we might add and Dan could face a hefty reward if he manages to survive and complete a very interesting challenge. What challenge? And what is he doing on a bike pitying himself? Well, we're not going to tell you just yet, but we can at least provide you with a couple of hints before going forward: Bill Perkins and crazy prop bets.

Oh No, Bill Perkins Did It Again!

The poker community may be familiar with the name of Bill Perkins but not necessarily because of his poker talents. The hedge fund manager and film producer from Texas may have finished third in the 2013 WSOP One Drop High Roller but over the last year or so, he raised our eyebrows for a bunch of other reasons. Indeed, he likes to gamble and he also likes to challenge poker players and push them to the edge.

Just under two months ago, at the PCA, Perkins made a bet with the Magician, Antonio Esfandiari,and challenged him to lunge wherever he went for 48 hours straight. Ouch, you may think ,and indeed, that’s what Esfandiari felt for the two-day stretch. This crazy prop bet also disqualified the Magician from the PCA Main Event. He won though, and donated $50,000 to charity.

And that’s not all; Perkins also accepted some very interesting prop bets from poker pro Jeff Gross, bets that involved booze abstination, no flour for a whole year, jumping from the stratosphere, and yes, even a back tattoo worth over half a million dollars.

The Texan lost most of them, but that surely didn’t stop him from pushing the edge over and over. Now, Bill has a new challenger and he’s prepared to risk $600,000 to just see him fail.

Las Vegas, Here Comes Dan Bilzerian!

Well, as you have already imagined, indeed, there is a lot more than just seeing Bilzerian sweat. According to Perkins and Blitz, each put $600,000 on the line and winner takes all. Yes, that’s right, if Bilzerian completes the bike ride in 48 hours or less before March 31, 2016, he will win the $1.2 million pot. If not, the Texan will return home with the pot.

For most of the bike amateurs, this sounds fairly easy but is it really easy for the King of Instagram? Remember, he did have several heart attacks before and he definitely can’t use his private jet to ride his bike to Sin City.

Blitz said on his Twitter account that he hadn’t sat on a bicycle in 18 years but that shouldn’t pose much of a problem since he actually started his training half a month ago and still has under a month before completing the challenge.

So besides the obvious general conditions, what other specific demands Bilzerian must meet in order to win $1.2 million? Well, first of all, he must take a legal route, most probably from Blue Jay Way to Las Vegas via National Trails Highway.

Secondly, no performance drugs are allowed. As for the rest, sky is the limit (or at least, no further details were released): Bilzerian will be able to use as many bikes as he wants, he will most likely bring his crew along, an RV for resting purposes, and other support vehicles and bikes. Most importantly however, at the time of his bike ride, Blitz will have a month and a half worth of training with Lance Armstrong under his belt. Yes that’s right, the former professional cyclist is at his side.

Lance Armstrong Joins In, Vanessa Selbst In The Mix?

Days after the prop bet inflated Social Media, Dan woke up with unexpected help. A friend of his, Joe Rogan told him American pro cyclist Lance Armstrong wanted to help him get ready for the $1.2 million bike wager.

The King of Instagram never blinked before accepting the offer and he’s now training under Lance’s close supervision. That’s why life right now feels like hell for Blitz. And you know Armstrong’s latest advice?

Apparently, every time Lance talked with Dan on the phone, Dan was eating and that’s why the pro cyclist gave him that piece of advice. And for the record, he never called Bilzerian fat boy. Blitz added that in his tweet for marketability.

The Playboy also shaved his legs so he faster?? Don’t worry though, the beard is still there, thank God.

Bill Perkins had nothing against Dan’s latest tricks. He even took that opportunity and decided to challenge the pro cyclist. He offered Armstrong a $200,000 prop bet to ride the 324 miles on a bike in under 15 hours. We’re not sure though if he accepted the deal.

And you know who else joined the party? Vanessa Selbst, who was shocked by the bet. In her opinion, the challenge is quite easy and she could actually do it for a couple of thousand dollars. Fortunately for her, she actually bet $200,000 against Perkins. The same conditions apply: from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 48 hours or less, no performance drugs, legal route, and challenge must be completed by March 31, 2016.

Did she accept the prop bet? By the looks of it, yes! But not before getting a stab from the one and only Dan Bilzerian:

Poker Community’s Take: Advice Galore

Like Selbst, most of the 2+2 poker community thinks the challenge is fairly easy to accomplish, especially in March. Many say Bilzerian doesn’t even need to pick up the pace when cycling if he trains hard enough. he could even arrive in Las Vegas significantly before those 48 hours. Some who know the cycling business pretty well even gave the King of Instagram advice on how to complete the challenge. That included having:

  • Multiple bikes for different environments and a bike mechanic.
  • Support team, a front car to provide illumination at night and a car behind him for protection.
  • Serious training.

However, some pointed out the vertical distance Bilzerian will have to climb, which can be a killer for the unprepared. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas it’s an uphill battle so things aren’t quite as easy as it would seem. To have the best chances, Bilzerian would need to start his challenge at midnight and ride till before midday. To avoid the heat, he should sleep during the day when it’s the hottest in an RV and also bring some IVs with him to rehydrate.

All in all, the odds are against Perkins and well in favour of Bilzerian, according to the 2+2 community. Do you agree?

Samantha Abernathy Warm Up Bike Ride

Bilzerian still has time to prepare himself for the challenge ahead but if you’re anxious like us, how about warming up with no other than 2016 Aussie Millions Finalist and Dan’s very good friend (possibly lover??) Samantha Abernathy.

On March 10, she will try to complete a challenge of her own. She accepted Bilzerian's challenge to put $10,000 on the line in her attempt to ride on a bike from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. What are the conditions? Complete the challenge in less than 72 hours and try not to die. The ride will be filmed.

What has Sam done so far to maximize her edge? How about a cookie diet?

We at PokerTube aren’t that sure the diet will help, but if you really want to find out, be sure to tune in on March 10th and support Samantha. As for Dan Bilzerian, well, if he can’t make it to Vegas on a bike, maybe his father will help (props to the 2+2 community for the pic):

What do you think? Can Blitz complete the bike ride challenge in 48 hours? Or will he crumble? Let us know in the comment section below.

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