Bilzerian Brings Kevin Hart to his Home Game

3 years ago
Kevin Hart Is a New Member of Bilzerian's Crew
24 Jun


While most of the world’s best known poker players are in Vegas toughing it out at the WSOP, regular high-stakes celebrity Dan Bilzerian has been living it up at his own home game, this week posting selfies with a new member of his crew – Kevin Hart.

The billionaire playboy is not shy about sharing his friendships with a who’s-who of the entertainment world, and 37-year old Hart is one of the best-known all-rounders in the comedy and movie scene.

Bilzerian may be a fan of Hart’s other work – for example his recent rap battle with James Corden which went viral this week – but he reckons the comedian’s poker needs some serious help.

"This kevinhart4real is so f*cking bad at poker, a guy bets into him on the river, Kevin has quads and he doesn't raise the guy," was Bilzerian’s caption to the Instagram photo he posted, showing a bejewelled and bemused Hart standing up from the table, fingers to his temple as he realised his mistake.

"He forgot there was only 5 cards #toorichtocare" added Bilzerian, who’s home games have become legendary in the poker world, often taking place in his palatial home in LA or on board his private Gulfstream jet. This week’s game also saw Jean-Robert Bellande in attendance, the multi-millionaire pro, nightclub owner/promoter, and reality TV contestant - making him a perfect match for the Bilzerian excesses which have made him famous.

Comedian and actor Hart, currently working on his new movie Central Intelligence, is obviously not too upset about the $500,000 robbery at his home last weekend, when burglars pried open the door to his Tarzana house and made off with expensive jewellery, clothes, and watches.

The house, in a secure neighbourhood with two security gates, was apparently empty – Hart in Miami training with Miami Dolphins giant Ndamukong Suh, from where he tweeted:

Listen up people ... Its not about the size of a man it’s about the size of the "Hart" within the man!!!! I refuse to be outworked."

Bilzerian is also a movie star of sorts, having appeared in in films like ‘Olympus Has Fallen,’ ‘Lone Survivor,’ ‘The Other Woman,’ ‘The Equalizer,’ and ‘Cat Run 2’, although his parts have hardly been major.

The Instagram King as he calls himself, Bilzerian is never far from controversy, parties, women, guns – and poker too, obviously. Only last month Bilzerian posted a photo of himself apparently cashing out of a high-stakes game at the Aria Casino Vegas with well over $2 million.

His finances, however, are a messy and difficult to judge or even believe, although fellow PokerTube writer Florian Gheorghe made a very good stab at it recently here. Florian sums it up by saying:

Love him or hate him, for him it is all the same: he will continue to show off to the world and get as much attention as a sports superstar or world diva. And since we’re living in a world where social media is everything, all this attention most likely means big bucks for ‘Blitz.’ So real poker earnings? Who cares? Dan Bilzerian is filthy rich and with all that publicity around him, he’ll remain that way for the foreseeable future.”

Blitz Bilzerian is also famous for his prop bets of course – generally alongside or against his trusty side-kick Bill Perkins - and it’s perhaps surprising that he hasn’t made an appearance yet at this year’s WSOP where the prop betting has reached almost as ridiculous a state of affairs as Bilzerian’s own!

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