Brit Parlays $8.80 Into $118,000 in PokerStars Sunday Million

2 years ago
Brit Parlays $8.80 Into $118,000 in PokerStars Sunday Million
09 Aug

The greatest poker stories are undoubtedly the ones where a player manages to turn a small amount of cash into a huge score. The Sunday Million provided us with another such tale when 'diidums' from the UK turned $8.80 into $118,315.98 with a second place finish.

He may not have won the title and the $168,000.23 first place prize - that went to Canada's 'thx4urm0n3y' - but diidums certainly stole the show based on his underdog status and fantastic ROI after satelliting his way into the $215 weekly tournament. It was diidums' first final table at PokerStars, and you might say that he was mismatched against thx4urm0n3y, who recorded his second Sunday Million title to go along with a second place finish three years ago.

Short Stack Savvy

A field of 4,980 with 1,124 re-entries swelled the prize pool to $1,220,800 and the final nine remaining got there in just under 12 hours, according to PokerStars Blog. Our hero from the UK was second to last in chips when final table action began, but pocket queens soon after saw him double up, as well as knock out 'domprofresor' from Romania.

One elimination later, diidums again looked down at a big pocket pair (K-K) and sent Germany's 'DSmunichlife' and his A-Q to the rail. The German final tabled the Sunday Million a couple months ago and will likely taste victory someday if he keeps trying.

Let's Make a Deal

Deal-making discussions stopped the action momentarily after two more players saw their Sunday Million dreams end. But China's 'bluedarkch' wanted $10K more than ICM, putting the kibosh on any deals.

Karma came back to bite the Chinaman in the ass as he was next to go, losing about $35,000 or so by stubbornly holding out for more. The 4th place prize was $60,638.11 and bluedarkch would have had $95K had he acquiesced during negotiations.

With bluedarkch out of the picture, the final three players were able to find common ground that saw chip leader thx4urm0n3y rewarded with $148K, diidums $118K, 'Sanderssi' $110K, and $20,000 left to play for. Sanderssi made his move for the remaining cash with queen-high while in prime position, but the Canadian KO'd him when his suited K-J connected with two more kings on the board.

The underdog from the UK gave thx4urm0n3y a run for the money despite having 25 big blinds less when heads-up action began. Diidums took the lead at one point, but finished runner-up when his ace-rag failed to find a pair against the Canadian's pocket sevens.

Congrats to thx4urm0n3y on his second Sunday Million title and to diidums for proving once again that a few bucks can turn into life changing money in the game of poker.

Sunday Million - August 6, 2017 - Final Table Results
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