Calvin Ayre Digs Deeper Into Bitcoin With Acquisition of

3 years ago
Calvin Ayre Digs Deeper Into Bitcoin With Acquisition of
01 Sep

It's been a busy summer for Calvin Ayre, as the billionaire founder of Bodog has once again been making headlines, this time for acquiring, a news site that focuses on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

A press release announced the purchase a few days ago, which followed an announcement last month that saw Ayre's days as a fugitive come to an end when he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor gambling-related charge in exchange for having felony money laundering conspiracy and illegal gambling allegations dropped by the US government.

Just weeks after copping that plea, Ayre was named as the Economic Envoy for Technology Development of the twin Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda. In that position, Ayre "will advise the government on the effective implementation of new technological developments in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin," stated the nation's Director-General of Communications.

Fighting Fake News

Apparently, there is a lot of misinformation and fake news in the online gambling industry and in the world of Bitcoin as well. was launched to set the record straight pertaining to gaming, according to the press release, and will now fulfill the same function with regard to cryptocurrencies.

"With the established financial system putting its might behind derailing Bitcoin, alarmist and inaccurate media in the space is, sadly, rife," read the presser.

Bitcoin-related information pertaining to gaming will still be published at, while the plans for include growth and expansion in an effort to increase "Bitcoin’s reach and acceptance." That acceptance was likely hindered and further complicated among laypeople at the beginning of this month when Bitcoin was split due to a disagreement among the Bitcoin community on how to meet increased demand.

Bitcoin (BTC) holders received an identical amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin exchanges were in a quandary as to which of the two to support. It appears that one blockchain will eventually win over the other, with Ayre fully supporting the new BCH and holding the opinion that "the Bitcoin Cash blockchain will become the one ‘chain that powers the world'."

The acquisition, while promoted as a means to fight fake news, may be more of an attempt to advance Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin. Antigua and Barbuda has long been a hotbed of online gambling, issuing licenses for i-gaming since 1994. The government shares Ayre's view with regard to favoring BCH over BTC and have apparently appointed the billionaire as an envoy to promote those same interests.

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