Cash Poker Pro ICO Launch

3 years ago
Cash Poker Pro ICO Launch
26 Oct

The experienced team at Cash Poker Pro launch their ICO today, offering investors the chance to cash in on their innovative new platform and allowing them to further develop their online crypto-currency poker room.

With the unique selling point that Cash Poker Pro can be used simultaneously across all modern gadgets and apps, Telegram set to be chief among them, the company behind the Initial Coin Offering is offering an enticing percentage of the crypto-currency to early backers of the project – the first-in, best-deal offer seeing an extra 3%, 2% and 1% over the 3 weeks of the ICO.

What this means in real terms is that if you invest 10 ETH (Ethereum) in the 1st week of the ICO, you will get 2.5% more CASH (the playing currency on Cash Poker Pro) for your investment and 3% CASH more (for the 1st week) to your wallet.

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Why Invest in Cash Poker Pro?

  • A team of experts who have successfully developed and implemented a number of projects covering areas such as electronic poker tables, live casino infrastructure, live lottery solutions, casino security and risk management systems.
  • Fair play using a decentralized system and blockchain technology. This means you no longer have to worry about the owner of an online poker-room ‘influencing’ the gaming process (basically cheating and stealing!)
  • Security and anonymity with absolutely no-one else having access to your CASH wallet, no need to deposit directly into the poker room and not even a requirement to prove your identity to play in Cash Poker Pro.
  •  A tried and tested poker site which has been through its Beta testing and passed with flying colours, and which also you to run your own small profitable poker room across the network
  •  A cut of the rake whereby you as the investor will receive a slice of the money taken from each poker room, varying from 1-5% net of operating expenses.
  •  The knowledge that the software you are investing in is already in use in more than 50 poker schools, poker rooms and betting shops.
  •  A simple cashout process whereby investors can exchange CASH to BTC, ETH or fiat money.


How do I invest in the CashPokerPro ICO?

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • either by heading to when the crowdsale starts and buying tokens by clicking the BUY TOKENS button (your account funds will be used if there are any)
  •  or use a smart contract on the token sale page (no registration needed in this case, but this option works only with Ethereum coins).

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