Cash Poker Pro in BETA

3 years ago
Cash Poker Pro in BETA
27 Sep

There are hundreds of sites and companies running ICO offers these days, but in the poker world one of the most exciting to join the party are Cash Poker Pro who have just released a BETA version of their game this week in advance of their Initial Coin Offering on October 26th.

One of the things that sets Cash Poker Pro apart from the others looking to make a mark in the cryptocurrency stakes is that their poker room runs on all types of gadgets and will be integrated into such messengers as Telegram and Facebook Messenger – the first in Telegram history.

The ICO, due to launch this quarter across several stages, will enable the innovative company to invest in marketing and development of their revolutionary Cash Poker Pro platform, with plans to attract a huge number of players, including international poker stars.

Cash Poker Pro will also allow you the user to create your own set of poker tables within the system - basically allowing you to run your own small profitable poker room across the network – and will provide you with all the tools needed to draw in your own player pool.

New platforms


This messaging app has its focus on speed and security – an absolute must for online poker - and it’s super-fast, simple and free. The other, or main for many, fantastic thing about Telegram is that you can use it on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or computers.

Facebook Messenger

When a new game is launched on Facebook Messenger it attracts around 1 million users during the first week, and it’s this massive audience for new games and platforms which Cash Poker Pro is planning to tap into.


Already used by millions, this platform will also provide a home to Cash Poker Pro, and with users already using WhatsApp to discuss poker strategy in groups, combining it with your own poker tables will basically create your own poker community within a safe and secure environment.

The ICO launch

With a planned launch of their ICO on October 26th the easiest way for investors to profit from the project is to buy tokens at a low exchange rate and sell them later at a higher rate – first in as usual getting the best deals.

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • either by heading to when the crowdsale starts and buying tokens by clicking the BUY TOKENS button (your account funds will be used if there are any)
  • or use a smart contract on the token sale page (no registration needed in this case, but this option works only with Ethereum coins).

The Company

The guys and girls behind the Cash Poker Pro plans aren’t new to the gaming and gambling world, having successfully developed and implemented a number of projects covering areas such as electronic poker tables, live casino infrastructure, live lottery solutions, casino security and risk management systems.

In addition, more than 50 poker schools, poker rooms and betting shops use their software and the team they have in place for this new venture is a highly-experienced one.

So, October 26th is the date and for those who need to know more you can head over to their site and check out all the details.

For those who are a bit behind the times when it comes to crypto-poker set-ups, however, here are a few things you should know – starting with the list of advantages over traditional online rooms. It’s a long list, and one of the most important to many is the use of blockchain technology.

As they explain on their excellent website, ‘the owner of an online system can influence the gaming process and its results because they have access to the server and the program code. This causes mistrust on the part of users, and they often say that online poker systems are crooked. A decentralized system and the blockchain technology can solve this problem.’

So, users can be sure that cards are dealt in an honest way – a huge attraction to the masses of online players looking for a fair alternative to the current big players in the industry, and the use of the blockchain technology also extends to the monetary system in use.

It’s not a difficult concept once you understand cryptocurrency and the safety and anonymity it affords you:

  • CASH tokens used to play in Cash Poker Pro,
  • these can be exchanged for BTC, ETC or fiat (that’s traditional money to me and you) currencies.
  • No-one else has access to your CASH wallet,
  • you don’t have to deposit directly into the poker room and
  • you don’t even have to prove your identity to play in Cash Poker Pro.

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