Casino Hopping Over Super Bowl Weekend

3 years ago
Andrew Neeme: Casino Hopping Over Super Bowl Weekend
13 Feb

Super Bowl weekend is one of the busiest of the year in Las Vegas as gamblers and fun-seekers come out in droves to bet on the game, party, and try their luck in the casinos.

Andrew Neeme was busy as well, as the poker vlogger visited several casinos throughout the weekend in an attempt to boost his bankroll. Unfortunately, that bankroll has diminshed as of late, with Neeme's previous run good becoming somewhat of a distant memory.

Trips to the cash game tables at Bellagio, Wynn, Mirage and Aria from Friday through Sunday were not enough to get Neeme out of his downswing, although he did manage to book winning sessions at the Mirage and Aria.

Favorable Flop and Turn

Flopping a boat and then hitting quads on the turn is a slice of heaven for poker players. Andrew tasted such a slice while seated at the Mirage, but it lost a bit of its flavor when he couldn't get any action on the river despite a recreational player's pronouncement that he wouldn't be folding no matter what amount Neeme wagered.

A $250 bet into a $270 pot turned out to be too rich for the casual player, even though the board showed a full house and the rec could have at least chopped the pot if Neeme was bluffing. Andrew wasn't, but did admit to mildly regretting the amount of his wager and taking his opponent at his word about calling any size bet.

One bit of good news is that the Mirage pays a $100 bonus for making quads when you use both your hole cards. A free spin at the video poker machine is also part of the bonus package, and making the same quads pays off in the thousands. Unfortunately, Andrew couldn't duplicate the quad magic at video poker.

What's in a Name?

Neeme took a few vlog moments to inform his subscribers the correct way to pronounce his name. Say it like Nee-Me, he told his followers, realizing that most find it more natural to let the third 'e' in his surname fall silent.

Those followers continue to grow with every vlog uploaded to YouTube by Neeme. At last count, the poker vlogger has reached more than 37,000 subscribers, with many thoroughly enjoying his video content.

Relatable Grinder

One such subscriber, Justan Baker, posted this comment after viewing Neeme's vlog:

"You have a strong following in a relatively short time. it's the candid nature you have I think. good mix of poker/ a day in the life. very relatable to most of us grinders. thanks man good work."

Indeed. Andrew comes off as a likable guy, not in the least bit pretentious or boastful. Basically, he tells it like it is with regard to grinding the cash games in Vegas, and does so in a way that keeps viewers interested and coming back for more.

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